New Kia Soul Louisville Reviews

2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick for the 2013 Soul

"Kia’s entry remains our choice in the boxy little hatchback segment, facing off as it does against the Nissan Cube and Scion xB."
"So that’s more power, better efficiency, and basically the same price, all in the same useful, packaging-focused little hatch. Planne obsolescence with no real downside."

"The 2011 Kia Soul brings hipster styling and a fun-to-drive nature to the realm of the practical hatchback."

"Not many models can credit their success to anthropomorphic hamsters with an eclectic playlist, but that’s exactly what has happened with the Kia Soul. Kias, for once, are actually kinda cool. Introduced as a 2010 model, the Soul sells almost as well as the Kia Sorento. That would be like the Scion xB landing in the number two spot for Toyota, right after the Camry." -Roadandtrack