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The entire car buying experience is never fun, but buying from the Kia Store was a breath of fresh air. Its no secret that used cars lots are not for the weak minded. Nobody in their right mind would send their grandmother to a used car lot alone with her checkbook to buy a car. That is just the reputations used car lots have. The Kia Store is making a very strong push to break through that stereotype. Besides giving me the car for free, they could not have done much more for me. Throw away everything you know about buying a used car, the heckling, the buy now attitude, the hostage like negotiations with the dreaded sales managers in their Ivory tower on the other side of the room. Everything! When I was at the Kia Store it was more like going to any retail store, and just getting help from an employee. I wouldn't be surprised if the salesmen didn't even get commission. My salesmen's only care seemed to be if I got good service or not. Good Louisville used cars lots are not easy to come across. I consider myself very lucky to have found such an easy going trustworthy dealership. I will be recommending it to all my friends. Internet Review

  • 02/28/2015
    Just bought my second Soul from the Kia store in Clarksville today. I have been servicing my last Soul there since I bought it in 2010 and I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the staff and the salespeople. Buying a car with them is never a hassle, and I haven't ever felt like I've been getting the run around. They're honest, nice, and easy to deal with. Amazing experience today with John Flispart, Michael Vazquez, and Jessica Gray! Thank for another great car! I'll be back and will be recommending the Clarksville Kia Store to anyone I know in the market for a new vehicle. Sarah M Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/28/2015
    We would like to thank the staff at the KIA store of Clarksville, IN. Our salesman Angel Sanchez was very helpful and informative in making our trip successful. We want to thank him and also Michael Vazquez for all the help that received before and after the purchase was made.We felt very welcomed and comfortable in dealing with the KIA store. we also did not feel like there was any pressure to make the purchase like other dealerships have in the past. Thank You KIA of Clarksville Mike and Valerie Valerie P Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/28/2015
    My fiancé and I recently had a wonderful experience picking up a new car from Kia East. Will, the Kia associate who introduced us to our vehicle, was knowledgeable, patient, and polite. His many years of experience became evident as he walked us through every feature of the vehicle—including ones we didn't even know existed! I would recommend Kia East as Louisville's premier Kia dealership—and I would encourage anyone buying a vehicle there to ask for Will. Alexandra S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 02/28/2015
    Last week, I had the pleasure of picking up a new Kia Sorento with my fiancée. We were definitely impressed by our associate, Will. His passion for Kia's great customer service was made clear by his emphasis on making my fiancée and me feel comfortable in our new car—for example, he patiently walked us through setting up our memory seats and linking our phones via Bluetooth. I would recommend Kia East to anyone who is considering a new vehicle, and I would strongly suggest working with Will—he was a real help! Isaac O Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 02/20/2015
    Nice place to buy a car from. They really work with you. Will took the time to show me all the features on my new car. He's great! Cheire K Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 02/10/2015
    They actually pay attention and listen to their customers. They care for their customers like family! VERY ATTENTIVE! Would recommend this dealership to anyone! Kristy R Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 02/10/2015
    John Flispart and Sydney were the BEST! This is the third Sedona purchased at KIA.The first with Donna A. being the best to help obtain a van during a hard time in our family's life.We met with John on a Saturday afternoon, looked at the 2015 Sedona and told him we wanted to check out the Chrysler Town and Country which we did. After the test drive at Chrysler the family took a vote. Hands down for KIA Sedona! I texted John on Monday and by Wednesday evening we were in our new 2015 Sedona SX! Awesome. What a great Dealer and what a Great Team! John, Donna and Sydney. James D Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/09/2015
    Very pleased with sevices, sales person and car !!! Traci S Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/09/2015
    I've been a customer of the Kia Store East for the past 8 yrs. and I must say Mr. Rob Mac facilitated the most pleasant car buying experience I've ever had. He was the most "REAL" and down to earth salesman I've ever encountered. He was open, caring and professional...ultimately ensuring my needs were first. I really appreciated his salesman etiquette. Lynnese B Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/06/2015
    Had bad experiences with other places, so I chose to come to a location a little bit further from home. Received excellent care from the staff. Repeat customer here. :) Ariethine O Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 02/05/2015
    For the last few months I had been looking around for a car, our family car had died and we had a relatives "extra", which wasn't the greatest but it ran. A friend of mine had told me about Kia in Clarksville, IN, that she went there for all her cars and recommended them highly. I did some online searching and ended up communicating through a lot of texting about what my options would be. Options for me were very limited since I had always purchased cars with cash, and had never had a car loan in my life. When I arrived at Kia, I was immediately greeted by the gentleman who I had spoken with on the phone. I was looking for Donna, who I had been recommended to, but she was not there yet, so Jacob started to take care of me. From the beginning Jacob was very understanding, since I had really absolutely no clue about the whole process of buying a car from a dealership. It was such a long day with all that we had to get done, but the entire staff at Kia were friendly and extremely helpful the entire time! Donna came in later and I got to meet with her, I was very happy with how everything turned out and the car that was agreed upon. To wrap up the day, I met with Sydney, who helped me with my paperwork and loan information. For a first time dealing with this, I would have to say how much Jacob, Donna and Sydney helped me yesterday and made the process as smooth as possible! Thanks to all of you I have a vehicle I love! Michelle A Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/05/2015
    Just got my Certified Pr-Owned Kia yesterday. My husband and I were taken very good care of by our sales agents Angel and Sydney. We had to bring our two sons with us, and being there for about 3 1/2 hours would have been rough with a 1 year old and 4 year old if it hadn't been for the great staff providing snacks, drinks, coloring books, and cartoons. Our sales agents went through a lot to get us the car we wanted at the price we wanted to pay. My husband and I are both first time car buyers, and they did all they could to provide information to all our questions. I am completely in love with my car and the staff at Kia in Clarksville. Anyone who is looking for great cars, great service, and great value I suggest you see Angel and Sydney. Angel R Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/03/2015
    My wife and I purchased our new 2016 Kia Sorento 2 weeks ago and it was by far the best car buying experience we have ever had! Jeremy and Brittany were both very professional and supportive in making our decision to buy our new Sorento. We didn't feel pressured into buying anything at all. We were able to go in and tell Jeremy what we were looking for and he and Brittany showed us the Sorento that we now own and are very satisfied with thus far. Thanks for all the help guys, we really appreciate the humble experience you provided us with during our purchase! Scott M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/31/2015
    Shawn is the best carepro. Ron was a very knowledgeable salesman. Breanna made it easy to set appointment around my schedule. Alex got me the deal I wanted. Anita was great too. Megan G Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 01/31/2015
    I was pleased to buy a car from the KIA store East. I was served kindly and Rachel did a fantastic job helping me find a car that I love! Brittany was very helpful assisting me with the features of my car and helping me transition out of my old one. If you're looking for a great buying experience for a car, KIA store East is the spot. Thanks ladies! Alicia B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/31/2015
    Today I had an excellent customer service at Kia East store.I would highly recommend this dealer ship everyone that I worked with so helpful. David Brown, Will Montgney, Greg, Keith thank you so much. Darjan D Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/30/2015
    Wonderful sales staff very helpful with all my car buying needs. They got me exactly what I was looking for. Charles M Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/29/2015
    When I pulled up and got out I was automatically greeted by Travis (Barnyard). This was my first experience in buying a new car and it was great!! He didnt try to talk me into anything I really didn't need. He also listened to what I wanted and what I could afford being a single mother. The 2015 Kia Rio Hatchback in black was what I went in for but they did not have it on the lot. He called their other store in Elizabethtown and found one for me. He even had it sent over to the Preston store so I wouldnt have to drive out there to get it. Which was great!! I absolutely love my Rio and will go back again to purchase my next car in the future!! Samantha E Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/28/2015
    Would highly recommend the Kia Store. Very friendly staff Claire L Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/20/2015
    Great customer service! Travis, Rob, and Miranda were great! Kelly H Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/20/2015
    My experience with this store was exceptional!!! I recently bought a Kia Sorento and was having trouble operating all the bells and whistles, specifically the bluetooth and navigation, so i went to this store for help! Brittany Woosley was amazing!!! She was extremely helpful and super nice! Thank you for the help again Brittany you guys are great! Brack S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/19/2015
    John was fantastic, my grandfather and I came in to trade in my old vehicle and he listened to all my stipulations and was able to set me up with a vehicle that was just what I needed at a price that works for me!! Brittany H Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/19/2015
    Great service Mildred J Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/18/2015
    Yesterday we purchased our 3rd Kia since 2013 from Rachel Collins. Everyone we have encountered from Kia East has been extremely helpful from the Showroom all the way to the Service Area. Called Rachel on Monday told her our son's car died and was looking for a vehicle, made an appointment for Saturday morning when one car was being serviced. Left there with a New '14 Soul. Would highly recommend Rachel and her team. We will be back when its time to trade in my 13 Sportage! Rachel Collins has earned our business for sure. Tammy B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/17/2015
    My husband and I have never had a brand new car. We have always driven used vehicles with a lot of miles. We just purchased a 2015 KIA sportage and the buying experience was great. Jason Bennett and Bob Caldwell were excellent servicemen. They did not pressure nor "SELL" us this car. We told them what we could afford and they bent over backwards to provide us with a long lasting relationship and I will definitely recommend anyone and everyone who has been treated like crap at other dealerships to try and see what car buying should feel like. Hats off to the crew at The KIA Store on Preston Hwy. P.S. Thank you Kirstie for your help in syncing our phone to the new vehicle and showing us all the gadgets this vehicle has to offer. Jennifer H Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/14/2015
    I had an excellent buying experience with Rob Mac yesterday. He really knows his product. Brittney then took the time to show me what all the bells, buttons and whistles did. Thank you both. Blane H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/10/2015
    I love this place! They work with you until you're happy & won't let you leave until you are Brooke F Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/09/2015
    So far my experience was excellent. The price of the for ranger I bought was fair, the customer service was excellent, and the people I interacted with left a lasting impression. it feels like family. thank you to both Jason and Kirsty. You guys made my first car buying experience amazing! Shawn B Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/07/2015
    Great buying experience! Would highly recommend! Kevin K Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 01/06/2015
    I’m not really sure where to start! Buying a car was something that made me extremely nervous. However, from the moment that I got out of my car Rob Mac took care of me . He helped me with everything ! I showed him the car that I wanted and he got it for me that day and I bought it. He was EXTREMELY supportive, and never once made me feel like he was trying to pressure me into anything. Buying a new car turned out to be a really fun experience. In addition to the excellent experience with Rob Mac, I also met Will Montgomery who showed me everything there is to know about my new car. He even helped me set up my first oil change appointment via the web portal in the store. What a fantastic experience . If I had more money, I would buy more cars just to get to hang out with these guys. I highly recommend if you need a new car you go to the Kia Store East and ask for Rob, and if you find one, make sure you see Will he will hook you up. Thanks Again fella's ! -Amanda Amanda N Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/05/2015
    Worked with Jeremy to get a Kia Sorento, He was very kind, patient,and easy to talk with and answered all questions with out hesitation, The whole store has a very friendly atmosphere very clean and neat and kid friendly. Brittany was very sweet and helpful with my 3 year old while I was completing paper work, that has never happened any where else! I Highly recommend to others! Ashlee B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/04/2015
    The people at KIA really helped me out with getting me the car that I wanted. Both the salesman John and the GM Pat Bates were a joy to work with. The carepro Shawn showed me the ins and outs of the car with no problem! Madison C Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 01/04/2015
    BAIT AND SWITCH!!!! I purchased a 2015 Sorento from Kia Store East in Louisville, Kentucky. I was greeted by Hana Choi and was shown a Sorento. I liked it and agreed to the price and told Hana I had two vehicles to trade. One was a 2004 Trailblazer Ext 4 x 4 with less than 52,000 miles and I wanted no less than $8,000 for it. Hana talked with her people and agreed to the price. I then took my 2005 Silverado Ext 4 x 4 with less than 51,000 miles and I wanted no less than $15,000 for it. Both vehicles I bought new. She said she had to work hard but she got the price for me. On December 13, 2014, I took both vehicles to Kia East. Hana showed me the paperwork but did not discuss any figures other than the balance due. Since we already agreed on the price of the Sorento and trades, I believed her when she showed me the balance. To my surprise, a few days later as I was putting the paperwork away from the transaction, I noticed the value of my trades were $3,000 less than agreed. I tried several time to reach Hana Choi. I was told she was either off that day or not in yet. Since I was unable to talk to Hana, I contacted the manager and told him what was done. He said there was nothing he could do. I went to Kia East and met with Mike Coffman, General Manager. He stated he was the one who authorized the price of my trades and then admitted changing the figures to make it work because he was not going to lose money. I said our agreement was that I would get $23,000 not $20,000 for my vehicles and you cheated me out of $3,000. Mike Coffman said with a smirk on his face - you should have read the contract before you signed it. I trusted Kia East to be a honest and reputable dealership. I have bought eleven (11) new vehicles from eight (8) different new car dealerships and never had the figures on a contract changed without my knowledge. I believe Mike Coffman enjoys taking advantage of people. Kia East is not a honest dealership and is not to be trusted. Bobby C Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/02/2015
    Best Experience I have ever had buying a car. Fast, simple, and easy and they couldn't have been nicer! Tom E Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 01/01/2015
    Will Montgomery did a thorough job and never once made us feel rushed or tech ignorant. He was pleasant and competent in explaining the car features and setting our uvo up. Keep him around and give that young man a raise! Thanks , Will. Greg C Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/31/2014
    I would highly recommend the Kia Store; they are very helpful. Jonathan W Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/30/2014
    Easy and laid back - all employees were wonderful and polite! Megan W Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/28/2014
    I had a very nice experience at the kia store east. Hana was my sales consultant, and she did great job of not only helping me, but explaining how things work when buying a vehicle. I had previously looked at an Optima on the internet that I was very interested in. Hana and Chris made such a great effort to find out the location of the car and to hurry over to get it despite the holiday traffic and inclement weather. I am very satisfied with my new Optima and in awe of all the features that Brittany showed that I didn't know it had. Brittany taught me a lot about my new Optima and was very helpful with questions I had about the features. These wonderful people went above, and beyond to make sure I felt like a top priority customer. I will definitely recommend anyone that I encounter car searching to pay the Kia Store East a visit. Romano O Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/28/2014
    RobMac and Will are top notch in helping me choose the right car. Showing me the ins and outs of my car. And also helping me with everything I need to get a car! Ricky R Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/27/2014
    I love the car that I have and the two sale's people the helped me was brain and brittany. I give them both a 10 for helping me with my new car. Thank you all and have a Happy New Year. Todd B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/26/2014
    Stopped in a few days ago (during the Christmas rush) and looked at trading in my girlfriends Toyota for an optima - couldn't end up making it happen but Jeremy and Brittany took the time to show me all the features of the new optima ... Would definitely recommend them. Eric D Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/21/2014
    Brittany Woosely was the best help when it came to explaining all the feature offered on my new Kia Soul. Kia's have come out with so many new technological advancements in the past 5+ years, it is great they have someone on location willing, ready and dedicated to helping a new car buyer get get brought up to speed i.e. pairing my iPhone to my new Kia. Felt bad I took up so much of her time, but she was extremely patient and helpful. Thank you so much! Zach L Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/20/2014
    I couldn't ask for a better experience! My salesman, Travis, was very knowledgeably in helping me get my first brand new car. He worked hard at making sure that everything was within my budget. All the staff involved was very friendly and helpful. They made sure I was very happy and that I knew everything about my new car before I left. I got a Forte Koup and absolutely love it! Thank you! Jammie B Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/20/2014
    Fast service, friendly customer service Hjckson Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/18/2014
    Across the board, helpful employees who listened to what it was that I wanted. Overall happy with my experience and walked away with a new car. Danielle C Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/18/2014
    Hana was my sales consultant when I bought my Kia Sportage EX. It was the most pleasing experience ever I had at a car dealer shop. She always smiled and made me feel very welcome. She tried her best to find the car I want, and I was very satisfied when I left the store. If anyone I know is considering one of Kia cars, I will be happy to recommend her. Will was the guy who showed me how to set up an appointment for maintenance, and also explained how to use all the features of Sportage Ex. He did a very wonderful job presenting everything step by step. He was very thorough, and happy to answer all of my questions. He knows how to treat customers nicely. Brittany was with me when I test-drove different cars including Optima, and Sportage. She was very happy to show features, and explain how they work. She also helped me out when I came back to pick up my car. Junho C Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/15/2014
    This was my first ever, experience purchasing a vehicle from a dealer and they made it very simple and pleasant. Melanie R Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/13/2014
    Bought my 2012 Kia at this store and liked it so much that I came back to get the 2015 model just last week. Great service. Daniel S Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/13/2014
    Hana Lulu & Brittany were absolutely amazing!!! So very friendly & informative. They worked very hard for my best friend to get her in the car she wanted for the price & payment she could afford!!! Both these girls made our experience absolutely perfect! I would refer my family & friends to these ladies without a doubt!! Thank you all so very much! ??? Bree C Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/12/2014
    Just bought a KIA Soul yesterday and had a great experience with these guys: Greg Kelley, Will Montgomery and Vitaly Makievsky. They each made the process simple and easy. They were flexible, patient and informative and they laughed at my dumb jokes. Thanks a lot guys. Jeff T Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/10/2014
    I am very happy with my service Vickie S Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/09/2014
    I am leasing an Optima Hybrid and this is my second kia that I have had. I am absolutely in love with me car. Thank you to everyone for your help at the Kia store! Margaret W Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/08/2014
    Wonderful experience. Everyone is so nice and accommodating. If you are looking to buy a KIA, definitely go here. Sara F Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/08/2014
    Fantastic! John and Kirstie and Derrick took such good care of me! Thanks for a fantastic experience! Andrea C Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/08/2014
    I worked primarily with Hana and she was outstanding. She knew the car, she understood what I wanted and didn't push me to buy more than I was comfortable with. I also worked with Brittany who taught me how to make the best out of the technology my new car offers (which was no small task). Again, she was knowledgeable and very patient and I feel like I will be able to take advantage of all that this car has to offer. I love the car and expect to enjoy my relationship with a car dealership for the first time in my life!! Ruby L Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/07/2014
    Great experience when purchasing my new Sorento. My salesman (Keith Lovelace) was very professional and accommodating to my wants/needs!!! He was able to get the vehicle I wanted (including most options), while remaining within my budget (thanks, Keith!!!). After the sale was complete, I was again impressed that Kia took the time to train me on all of the interior controls. A big "thank you" goes to Brittany for walking me through the details of each and every control!!! She made sure that I was comfortable with each control before I left the dealership. All in all, I would highly recommend Keith (and Brittany too) to anyone looking to feel at ease when buying a new vehicle!!! Corky L Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/06/2014
    I enjoyed my experience at the Kia Store! Rolo helped me pick out the perfect Kia Soul for my daughter! Kirsty helped show the features, buttons, and sync our phones. We are very happy! Mike B Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/05/2014
    We just bought a Kia Optima and I am in love, we had a great service from Jeremy Smith who made us feel comfortable and satisfied, so far I don't have any complains. GOOD JOB JEREMY! Yuly G Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 12/04/2014
    We love the staff at Kia of Clarksville! They have always gone above and beyond for our family and provided quality service. The relationship we built with them is what keeps us going back and recommending them to anyone looking for a good car buying experience. They put up with my husband (who loves to negotiate) and they have always made me feel welcome and interacted with my children on the occasions that we've had them with us. What a great atmosphere. We highly recommend Kia's and we highly recommend Kia of Clarksville. Special thanks to Pat Bates, Alex Caldwell, Jessica (finance dept) and Matt Key!!! Heather P Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/02/2014
    We had an excellent experience at the kia store. The sales person that helped us was very professional and helpful in the car buying process. I will come back here in the future to look for another newer car. Jeremy J Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/02/2014
    Had a great experience at Kia Store East! When I got to the dealership they had my new Optima Hybrid all detailed out and ready to go. Will Montgomery walked me though the high-tech cockpit (EX version) and showed me lots of features that were not on my previous car. It is easier to learn the new controls when someone knowledgeable shows you a thing or two! . After signing some papers, I was ready to hit the road. All in all, a great experience! Richard O Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/30/2014
    Everyone at The Kia Store is very friendly and helpful. Miranda helped me pair my phone to my car when I was having issues. thank you!! Come visit Kia on Preston! Corey F Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/29/2014
    I loved the quick and friendly service that Kia staff provided. My new Sportage is the perfect SUV for our growing family! Ariel K Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/29/2014
    Brittany and the sale team were great! Went through the process very quick! Christopher P Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/26/2014
    On election day I had the fortune of meeting both Rachel Collins and Will Montgomery who were able to quickly and efficiently get me into my 2012 Kia Soul. The process was effortless and the Kia staff were all wonderfully friendly. I truly appreciate the knowledge and confidence of both Rachel and Will who showed significant authority in their areas of expertise. Rachel gave me great advice on driving my first manual transmission and Will succinctly introduced me to the ins and outs of my new car. I am happy to be a part of the Kia family and look forward to riding in style for many years to come. Susan S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/24/2014
    I had the best experience at the Kia East Store. I was greeted by Mr. Royal Wright, he was very nice and patient. He explained everything to me and let me make the decision regarding my car. I was also assisted by Ian Leslie who helped and showed me all the functions of my new Kia, they were truly a blessing to me. And there was no pressure from any of the mangers to by my car.I Love my new 2012 Kia. Regina C Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/22/2014
    I highly recommend the Kia Store. Emily, specifically was incredibly helpful. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I am overly satisfied with my experience. Mikael A Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/21/2014
    Everytime I come to the kia store I look for Kirsty she's so helpful and friendly and alwAys cheerful!!! Stacey T Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/20/2014
    Well, we decided to trade in our 2013 Sportage for a new Soul. We ended up getting a great deal on a 2015 Soul Exclaim, that had every feature we were looking for! This is our 5th Kia purchase, all from The Kia Store on Preston! As in our previous visits, we are very satisfied with our purchase! Big thanks to Bob, Bruce and Predrag. Special thank you to Kirsty for giving us the rundown on our new vehicles features. If you stop in to see the wonderful staff at The Kia Store, be sure to ask for Bruce! Thank you all for taking great care of a loyal customer, once again! John M Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/20/2014
    My husband and I recently purchased a Kia Serento. We received excellent service from the time we walked on the lot. We were greeted by a gentleman by the name of Royal, he was very personable and a tremendous help in demonstrating performance of the KIA Soul and the KIA Serento had to offer. We were quite impressed with both but due to having children that play large instruments we certainly need the larger cargo area so we went with the Serento and we have fallen in-love with it. After making our choice we were then introduce to a young man by the name of Ian, he was so helpful and knowledgeable about the features that he was able to answer all of our questions reassured us that if we had any further questions after we get home we could always give him a call. This was by far the best experience, at a car dealership that we have had. Thank you for your professionalism Royal and Ian. Juanita G Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/18/2014
    I had the best care leasing experience at he Kia Store of Clarksville. Ron helped me choose my new car; he was very knowledgeable and was never pushy. Once I decided on my 2015 Kia Sportage, Sydney took over for the rest of the transaction. She was amazing! She made me feel like she was a long time friend and was extremely helpful in the transitioning process. I highly recommend the Kia Store of Clarksville for all of your leasing and buying needs. I will most definitely be going back to re-lease! Stef W Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 11/18/2014
    I love my car! Everybody was so nice. I will always do business with The KIA Store on Preston Hwy. I spoke with Hannah a few times, she was really nice on the phone. I worked with Jerome Harris and he helped me a lot and got me what my money could afford. He also did his best to make sure my mom and I were comfortable. Lastly, I worked with Miranda and she was very nice and sweet, and helped me a lot. Latifah M Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/15/2014
    I just purchased my second Kia Sorento at the Kia east store (the first one was in 2006). I had a great experience with my salesman Keith who took the time to listen to what I needed and put no pressure on me at all. Also, the Care Pro, Will Montgomery was OUTSTANDING. Very kind and thorough. I left with a good understanding of my new Sorento. Steve I Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/13/2014
    I was absolutely blown away by the amazing service I received at this Kia Store last Saturday. Everyone was polite, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions quickly and completely and gave me an all-around wonderful experience. If I hadn't already purchased my car from them, I would go back and do it all again! Thank you for your awesome service! Amanda A Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/12/2014
    We leased our first Kia in 2012 from the Kia Store Clarksville--a 2012 Kia Forte EX. We've always had it dealer-serviced and the staff have always been professional and courteous. The positive experiences we've had there, along with our positive experiences with the Forte led us back last week to get our second Kia--a 2015 Kia Soul. Although we originally went to look at a used Optima from the Louisville store, the bad weather and rush-hour traffic prevented the car from being delivered before the Clarksville store closed. Since we were also there to buy out our lease on the Forte, we did look at other cars on the lot while completing the necessary paperwork. I've always liked the Soul, so the Sales Manager, Alex, and our salesperson, John, negotiated with us and were able to reach an agreement we couldn't pass up on the lease of a 2015 Soul. They didn't have the color in the trim that I wanted, but did have it at the Louisville store. They did give me a loner vehicle until the one I wanted came in. I've been driving the Soul for a week now and will most likely be purchasing out the lease on this vehicle as well. If you're looking for a new Kia, either leasing or purchasing, you will be treated well by the staff at Kia Store Clarksville! Andrew W Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 11/12/2014
    As my husband and I pulled in, we were approached by Travis (Barnyard), before we could even get out of our vehicle. Our first thoughts were, great, we can't even get out before the vultures attack. Travis put us right at ease, and is definitely not the "usual stereotypical" car salesman. He was so down to earth and didn't speak to me as if I were a stupid female, which so many salesmen do. He answered all our questions and we drove away in a new Kia Soul. What a great pressure free expeience for us. Thanks Travis!! Tracy W Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/12/2014
    We had lots of questions about Kia's and how they compared to other brands. We got a great estimate on our trade. The Salesman did a great job on answering all our questions and showing us our options. We love our new cars, service was great and they went out of their way to take care of our needs. Thanks Mike... Jamie P Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/11/2014
    It was great experience. My saleswoman was very knowledgable and friendly. Highly recommend buying from this store! Be sure to ask for Anali Ponce for great service! Zach S Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/10/2014
    I just purchased a new Kia Soul + from the Kia Store East in Louisville and I have to say that it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Rob Mac is a friendly and knowledgeable sales person who didn’t pressure us and he was able to get us the price we were targeting. As an example, when I mentioned we were also looking at some other makes, he recommended a sales person at another dealership- when was the last time a car salesmen was that confident to help out by providing you a name of the competition? I kept waiting for the “shoe to drop” with extra costs or some other issue, but it never happened everything went down exactly as negotiated prior to my arrival at the dealership. After signing the initial paperwork, Will spent a lot of time with us going over the features of my new Soul and he set up my phone to work with the UVO system of my new car. There was a lot to learn, but will was very patient and wanted to make sure I understood everything before I drove it off the lot. He even set up my first oil change appointment and showed me how I could change it online if I needed to. Over all it was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend Rob Mac and the Kia Store East to anyone looking to buy a new car. Scott K Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/08/2014
    Purchased a 2015 Optima from Rob Mac! What a great experience! All the staff was very helpful and eager to please. Rob went out of his way during the sale to make sure we had all the details, Financing with Ian was a breeze! Strongly Recommend! Peter K Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/06/2014
    Kirsty is a very helpful and happy young lady, I really enjoyed her service. Delaney T Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/04/2014
    I initially had a wonderful experience with this Kia store, but also a bit disappointed by the chain of events. Mike White Jr. was great to talk with, gave me good guidance to find the perfect car for me. I fell in love with the Kia Soul, and was very excited that I was told I was approved for the 36-month leasing option. After I signed the contract and paperwork, I drove my new car home, and the next morning came back by to drop off the down payment. It wasn't until the following day that I received a phone call saying that unfortunately the bank wouldn't approve the leasing option, so the terms would be changed to a 72-month purchase. While the monthly payments wouldn't change, it was not the situation that I agreed on and signed for. I felt I shouldn't have been led on, if it wasn't approved before I signed then they should have asked me to come in the next morning when we could get a confirmed answer from the bank before making a final decision. I felt it was a hastily done to close the deal rather than taking good care of a customer and making sure I was happy. In the future, work on building trust with your customer and making them happy rather than just making the deal. While I am very happy with my car, I am not happy with how I was treated and felt almost tricked into a different deal then what I signed for. Mikhail S Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/04/2014
    This was the first time that I have purchased a car without my husband by my side. I was made very comfortable by the sales force and the manager. I couldn't have had a better experience and I love my car! Linda P Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 11/01/2014
    Excited about the delivery of my lil Soul! Thanks guys for being with us during this process. Greg Kelly was a blessing to us! Thanks everyone! Shouts out to family...thanks Robert...God Bless! Gerri S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/31/2014
    I recently purchased a Kia Soul and I love it!! The entire staff was extremely nice, especially Emily who showed me everything my car has the ability to do! Thanks again!! Maria K Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/31/2014
    Pleasant experience with sales staff and general sales manager. Sedona mini van is great purchase at a great value. Alan B Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/31/2014
    I love my upgrade to a 2015 soul! Thanks to the wonderful staff and all their hard work! Great customer service. Thanks from Brenda Gonzalez Brittany G Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/31/2014
    Awesome staff!! Great to work with, took care of all my questions and concerns. Car needs were solved immediately. General manager, sales manager, and salesman were very friendly and extremely helpful. I definitely would go back and will recommend any of my friends/family to go here!!! Chase D Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/31/2014
    Great place and people. Keith was our salesman, he was very knowledgeable and was able to help us get a new Kia Optima Hybrid. Ian and Will both helped us learn the "in's and out's" of our new car. However, we received horrible service when we returned to make our down payment. I had a cut on my finger, and no one wanted to get me a band-aid, and the salesman around even had a laugh at my expense. Then when I was writing my check, one salesman scolded my 1 year old for playing in the rubber mulch in their lobby. That was not his place to do that, my son was not doing any harm. The layout of the store is the problem, you are greeted by salesman, and if you have already bought a car, like we did, they just ignore you and treat you poorly. Ask for Kieth, he is the only one there with class. 5 stars if it weren't for the three salesman that greeted us when we returned to make the down payment. Chris R Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/29/2014
    I purchased a '15 Kia Soul and I absolutely love it!!! Not only is my car awesome but so are the salesmen! Thank you!!!!! Hannah R Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/29/2014
    I love my new 2015 Kia forte! :) Everyone come and visit the The kia store on preston highway. Anali H Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/29/2014
    Loving the new Optima! Thanks to all the great people at The Kia Store! GREAT RIDE GREAT PRICE Jill P Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 10/28/2014
    I purchased a 2015 Kia Sportage from the Kia Store East. My overall experience I must say was pleasant. I had a very nice salesperson, Don Bibb. I also liked the personal touch that was added when another nice gentleman named Ian took the time out to show me how the SUV operated. He also followed up with me a few days later to see if I had any questions on all of the functions for the vehicle. I love my brand new Sportage. I'm happy to be an addition to the Kia Family. Thank you Kia Store East and thanks to both Don and Ian. Lesa B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/28/2014
    My experience at the Kia store east was Fantastic as usual. Will the Care pro guys was very helpful in teaching me to use all the features of my new car with out making me fell rushed and giving me plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Royal the sales man was great as well. Jason R Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/24/2014
    First time Kia buyer here! I had a Fun experience from the time I met my sales rep, Don Bibb at the sidewalk outside the store even to after the day I drove it home. Mr Bibb listened to what I wanted. I was buying, not my Fiance and he catered to me not the man I was with, like most sales people do. He had me driving my new 2015 Kia with in 20min or less of being there. Mr. Bibb took the time to get me the answers I asked concerning price, service and warranty.. I was impressed that this beauty had 4 miles on it and he allowed me to drive it home that night to decide since it was such a large purchase. Of course I was sold on it! Before I went home that day, Ian Leslie gave me a thorough review of all the functions of my vehicle. He was very knowledgeable about every button!!! He not only told me the functions, we used each one of them as we did the review. He reminded me that I could come back in and he'd review it with me again if I was in town and also that I had a large manual in the glove box as well. I think he was just as thrilled with my purchase as I was and told me congrats several times. He added humor to the review, which made my daughter feel very comfortable. We still laugh because the KFC that Ian entered for the GPS location is still in there:) Great first time experience and I even posted on my FB! Tonya R Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/23/2014
    Me and my wife purchased a new 2015 Optima EX from two of the nicest and warmest young men I have ever worked with in such a setting. Rob Mac was our salesman, and he came highly recommended from the Deacon of my church. He helped us to thoroughly understand the complete process of purchasing and obtaining our desired interest rate. Ian Leslie was very instrumental in taking the time and effort to patiently explain the various technical aspects of the new car's features like setting up the radio, linking our cell phones, satellite radio, and operating the many console controls. I will definitely recommend others to go visit these two young men at the Kia Store East. Heck, so far three different members from my church have purchased new vehicles this year from this location! Warren S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/16/2014
    My recent car buying experience was great due to the fact of how David, the salesman, treated my wife and I throughout the entire car buying experience. Anytime anyone makes a purchase such as buying a car, the consumer wants to be heard more than anything else. And I felt as though David listened to what we wanted and what we needed and with the information he obtained, he really worked with us to find the best solution possible to meet our needs. So thank you David! Also I want to thank Will Montgomery (Car Pro) for his expertise when it came to learning about the details of the vehicle itself. He truly educated us on all of the features the KIA Optima 2015 has to offer. So thank you Will! Dereck E Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 10/09/2014
    I'd love to say that the team at KIA Store East ROCKS. Greg Kelley was the salesman who made the introduction for my wife and I to our new KIA Soul. Ms. Brittany then led us through all the bells and whistles on the package. So far the only thing I did not like about the experience in getting the KIA was the fact they do not come with those cute hamsters from the commercials. Carl G Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 09/29/2014
    Had a great experience with my dealer there Don Bibbs who sold me a brand new 2014 KIA Forte!!! No one else was going to work with me and he really came through by getting me the loan I needed and the payments down to what I could afford. Then to make things even better the KIA store had one of their techs, Ian, show me how to pair my Bluetooth on my phone to the car so that my phone was automatically synced with it. Ian did everything he could to make me comfortable in my new car. He showed me how to work the satellite radio, the steering wheel mounted controls and even where the spare tire, car jack, and air pump were. I would recommend this dealership to anybody looking for a new car. They were awesome and I really enjoyed my experience there. Frank D Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 09/29/2014
    My husband and I purchased a new 2015 Kia Optima XE. He had gone in the day before and received a quote. So the next day we went in, took a test drive and purchased the car. The car had been driven by one of the dealers and actually had over 3,000 miles. The sales person, Greg Kelly, was very up front about this and we really did appreciate it. He did try to find another car, but there weren't any. After much consideration, we decided to take the one that had been "broken in" by the dealer. We love the car!! Brittany Woosley was also very helpful in setting things up and helping us with all of the features of the car. Will certainly be a returning customer. Ginny S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 09/23/2014
    I had been speaking with Michelle via e-mail about trading my car in for a cheaper payment, and decided to finally come in and take a look. Michelle was great. Very professional, and helpful. Everyone I encountered was great. David was the one I dealt with the most. He was nice, not too pushy, very helpful, and even though I was looking for a cheaper car payment, he made it impossible to turn down a brand new Kia Forte for a little bit higher payment. They also gave me a lot more for 2012 Malibu than anyone else was willing to give me. Brittany W showed me a few great features on my new car, and even helped me transport stuff from my old car to my new one. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I had a bad experience at the Clarksville, IN store which is why I traveled to Louisville. Everyone was AMAZING!!! Sarah R Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 09/20/2014
    I want to give a SHOUT OUT to the wonderful people at the KIA STORE EAST! I just made my second new car purchase from Kia Store East and couldn't be happier! From the beginning, FELICIA reached out to me and set my appointment up. When I arrived the beautiful front desk lady PAT greeted me and let Felicia know I had arrived. Felicia introduced me my Sales Consultant, the fabulous HANA (Lou Lou) CHOI, who talked with me to see what kind of car I wanted. She showed me a 2015 Brown Latte Soul and it was love at first sight. I test drove it and LOOKED GOOD IN IT! We did the paper work and they took my old Kia Rondo in as a trade. The Finance guy with the bow-tie was awesome! (I apologize for not remembering his name, but he was so kind and explained every form I was signing.) Even the General Manager MICHAEL COFFMAN stopped by to make sure everyone was treating me well. After my paperwork, I was turned over to BRITTANY. She sat in my new car with me and explained every feature on my new Soul. She showed me how to set up my blue tooth for hands free talking and went through all the bells and whistles. She was so kind and patient with me. When we were all through (less than 2.5 hours from arrival time to finish), HANA, PATand BRITTANY came outside to see me off and took a picture of me in my new soul (because I look sooo good in this car). If you're looking for a good deal on a new car with people that treat you right...go to THE KIA STORE EAST in Louisville Kentucky...Tell 'em Linda sent ya! Thanks Kia Store East, Linda Brown Linda B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 09/20/2014
    My mother and I recently bought a new 2015 Kia Forte from this location. We love the car, it's great. However, we didn't have the best experience buying the car. During the purchasing process it seemed like we were being kept in the dark on many aspects of the transaction. When we asked specific questions regarding the transaction, our salesman would often reply with "I don't know" or "my manager hasn't informed me" and other vague things like that. Nonetheless, we bought the car. The highlight of our visit was our Care Pro, Will Montgomery. He showed us the interior features of the vehicle and was very informed and helpful. He just had a comforting presence and was an overall good guy. He had the right attitude. Personally, we feel like he should be out on the lot selling cars. Caleb M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 09/19/2014
    Best dealership in the greater Louisville area!! Rob Mac was my salesman and he was honest and open. He even gave both my mother and I the best recommendations of the lot! If your looking to lease or buy Rob Mac is your guy. He didn't try to pull one over on 2 women and we appreciate his honesty and patience especially when it came to choosing the color of our car ;--). Also, Will Montgomery was a great help! He synced my entire contact list in my new car. He was very helpful in explaining every single button in the car and breaking it down for my mother who isn't "tech savvy" as me. These gentlemen are the best around! Dana M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 09/17/2014
    The sales staff was great. I went to other dealerships looking for a Kia Soul and the prices were too high, with little negotiation. The salesman and the sales Manager understood my budget, didnt hassle me about financing with them over and over like the other dealerships---which I REALLY appreciated. And worked with me on getting exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted to pay for it. Did I mention how much I really appreciated not harping on financing for more money?? Im female, and they didn't treat me like I didn't know anything about cars. Very respectful, very friendly. And even the guy (i wish i could remember names) that handled the title transfer was extremely nice. Brandy G Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 09/11/2014
    My husband and I just bought a new car last week. Our experience from the moment we arrived until we left the lot was the best car buying experience one could ask for. Thanks to everyone. Amanda M Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 09/02/2014
    AWESOME! BRITTANY WOOSLEY AND HANA (LULU) CHOI ARE THE BEST! Who knew that the car buying experience could be so painless and actually fun! I was there on a customer appreciation night and they had a terrific BBQ truck and music and prizes. I sat back and let the fabulous financial department do their magic and drove home with the most beautiful 2015 Kia Optima! I will absolutly return and I suggest anyone thinking that a new car is out of the question, go see Hana LuLu - she will turn your frown upside down! Pamela D Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/30/2014
    Awesome experience! Thank you so much Hana, Brittany, and Will for making the process so easy! I will definitely be back in the future. Kris K Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/29/2014
    I was surprised at how gently I was treated when visiting with Kia Store East, Louisville. Keith Lovelace and Brittany Woolsey took great care of me, although I left with questions as I had to get home after being there 5 hours!. I haven't had time to follow up on those questions yet, I was only there 3 days ago! Great job guys. Customer service and amenities were stellar. Fiona A Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/26/2014
    I had a great buying experience with Greg and Brittany! Thanks again! Christopher M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/26/2014
    I love my new Soul and my soul loves the treatment I got from the Kia crew. I appreciated the respect shown by Keith and Brendan, never talking down to me or dismissing my many questions. Thanks also goes to Will for teaching me all the innumerable features and having such a great sense of humor about it. Car buying was actually fun! Judith Y Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/23/2014
    Let me start out by saying I hate the car buying experience. But our experience at the Kia Store East has been exceptionally positive. This was our second lease we have done with them in the past two plus years, and I would highly recommend giving them a try. We had exceptional service from Chris and Royal, along with Brian the sales manager. The finance portion was handled as quickly as possible and Brittany did a great job of explaining the technical side of the new vehicle. Having been a previous Lexus owner, I feel our Kia Sportage compares favorably to my Lexus SUV, and urge anyone to give it one a comparison drive. Steve F Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/22/2014
    I had a great experience at Kia. Will Montgomery and Greg Kelly made sure I drove out of the lot in the car that was right for me. Overall, a sometimes stressful situation was made easy and I am grateful for that. The optima still runs great and gets amazing gas mileage. Thanks to the kia team ! Dakota G Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/21/2014
    Shout out to the best sales lady in the universe Donna A. She treats you like you are part of the family. Oh I cant forget about Alex C. behind the counter throwing out those awesome numbers. Jeremy S Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/21/2014
    I loved my experience with the KIA Store East dealership. The KIA KIA Store East employees were very knowledgeable and helpful. Mr. Ian Lesile discussed the interior features with us and he set up the Bluetooth connection and made sure it was operational and functional. One can not go wrong with the professional help at the KIA Store East. Lester W Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/21/2014
    Bought a 2014 Kia Soul and I absolutely love it! Thanks to Ian Leslie and Rob Mac for all the help with my purchase a couple of weeks ago. Overall experience was pleasing and I had all my questions answered.Customer friendly! I would definitely recommend them and their customer follow-up is great. Thanks for all the help! Stephany H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/20/2014
    I was wanting to trade in my Forte to get a lower car payment. I started talking to Felcia and she suggest that I come in and see what can be done. I went to Kia East and was greeted by Mr. Royal Wright, told him what I was looking for and he did all he could do to help me. I got a Kia Soul and I am pleased with it. After the paper work Mr. Wright intoduced me to Ian Leslie who showed me everything that I needed to know about the blue tooth, the radio,the steering and what ever other question I had. I want to thank Felcia,Royal and Ian for all that you guys done. Ken D Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 08/13/2014
    Jody and Sydney were so very helpful. Their pleasant attitude and personality made buying a car less stressful. At least until I had to write out the check. I purchased a Kia Sephia in 2001 and kept the maintenance on the car and it has lasted this long. Before I left the dealership my Sephia was in the process of being sold. Take care of your car and help the next owner. Thanks again to Jody and Sydney. Kim D Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/13/2014
    First of all thank you to Brittany for helping me navigate the new technology on my car! Overall, I love the car that I was pushed into. Everyone was very nice, but honestly by the end of the experience I was tired and even though I probably should have said no I said yes anyway. I felt as though I had to say yes because they were working so hard to get me a car. So feeling ok about the experience is about all I can say.. I love that I now have a reliable car just uneasy about everything else. Jennifer W Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/08/2014
    Loved our buying experience at the Kia Store in Clarksville, In. They worked with us until we got what we wanted. Our salesperson, Donna was awesome and had me cracking up! Sydney our Carepro was awesome and super fast and got us in the office for paperwork before other people and saved us an hour wait! All in all, Kia of Clarksville were great to work with. We would totally do business with them again in the future, but not for a long while because we got a Kia Soul that we plan on loving for many years to come! Jessica D Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/07/2014
    They help me get my first new kia sorento,and it drives great.you guys are awesome.I would recomend you guys to anyone, Albert D Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/07/2014
    I would like to say a big thank you to Will Montgomery and the rest of the staff at Kia Store East. They got me into the big K900 which is wonderful car with great luxury. More bang for your buck here folks versus Mercedes, Jaguar, or BMW. I have to shout out Will Montgomery for showing me about 1,000 cool things my K900 can do which is greatly appreciated. Will is very tech savy, and I can tell by his enthusiasm he really likes to show you how operate the cool gadgets that can make life so much easier in your new car. He is on it! Thanks again Will and Kia Store East Staff. Awesome job in winning my business today! V/r Rodney Farmer Rodney F Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/06/2014
    Robert Mac and Brittany were amazing! I will be back :) Megan P Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/06/2014
    We recently leased a 2015 KIA Sorento. We absolutely love love love it! I feel so safe and comfortable while driving now. Will was very knowledgable and patient while teaching me how to use the satellite radio and Bluetooth functions. He answered all of my questions and then told me if I ever need help with anything to give him a call and he would be happy to help. Our overall experience was wonderful! Thank you Will, as well as the entire KIA team, you are all true assets to the Louisville area and if you don't drive a KIA, well, wait are you waiting for?? Maci H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/05/2014
    Kia East's service was excellent, David Brown in finance was very helpful. Greg Kelly was fantastic and very polite and Will Montgomery was the best. I'm going to refer everyone I know to Kia Sharon H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/05/2014
    Will Montgomery did an amazing job showing my wife all the features and functions of her new Sorento and our sales person David was awesome and answered all the questions we had for him about the vehicle David G Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/04/2014
    I want to take a moment to shout out to Carepro Sydney for helping our buying experience go a whole lot easy and faster, seeing her is knowing that we were almost at the final stage of driving off in a newer vehicle. And our salesman Jody who made sure we were getting the vehicle that suited our needs and something that we see ourselves driving for another six years. We will be looking forward to doing business with the KIA Store in Clarksville in the near future. Orlando P Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/03/2014
    Wonderful customer service -Tony Bee is very knowledgeable about the cars and personable and approachable as well. He was incredibly patient given I was so anxious about my first car purchase! Brittany Woosley also gave me a terrific rundown of my new car's equipment. Very happy with my purchase and all the folks at Kia Store East in Louisville! Lisa M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 08/03/2014
    We rented a Kia Soul for a short trip. After driving it for several days my wife discovered it was much easier to ride in than her current car which is very low and aggravates a back problem. I was impressed with the engineering and quality of the car. After the trip we were pretty sure we wanted to take a closer look and possibly buy a Soul. We went to the Kia dealer in Louisville, KY and they had one we liked. The salesman, Royal, was friendly and we got an excellent deal after deciding not to trade our current car. The trade offer was about average but the price of the new Soul was very good and below the factory sticker. Everybody at the dealership we met was friendly and interested in us as a customer. The tech guy, Will, walked us through all of the features of the car and he was great. Royal, the salesman, called him their "Guru" because he knew all of the tech stuff about their cars. Most dealers don't have this level of tech walk through on the equipment in the car. Will saved us some hours for owners manual study. The electronics in this version of the 2014 Soul are pretty sophisticated. The navigation system is WAY better than the off the shelf units you stick on the dash. The SiriusXM radio now has integrated data features including weather, gas station prices, and lots more. It integrates with a Blue Tooth mobile phone better than any system I have seen. The voice command system works with the navigation, radio, and Blue Tooth phone interface. Once you get the hang of it you can talk and do just about any command on the electronics without touching the screen. I was impressed and I am a tech guy myself. Although the electronics are sophisticated Kia did a good job making it all pretty intuitive even for the "non-techie". If you think Kia's don't match up with other car companies you need to take a test drive. The quality, features, and prices are excellent. The Kia Store East is Louisville is highly recommended. Mark S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 07/28/2014
    We called ahead and arranged to look at a specific 2014 Optima and the KIA store on Preston Highway and Indian Trail assured us that the car was there. So we drove the hour there and then waited about another 1/2 hour while the sales people tried to locate the car. They finally figured out that the car WAS NOT at their store. They wanted to have someone go get the car, which was at the Clarksville, IN KIA store, but that would have been a huge waste of time plus I was not impressed at all with the sales people at that store so we drove up to the Clarksville KIA store and I am very glad we did because our vehicle purchase experience there was one of the best I have ever had. I consider us to be experienced car shoppers since we have purchased several vehicles over the years so I consider us to be experienced and educated car shoppers. Our sale person, David Quirk, was just a super great guy, very knowledgeable about the vehicles, very helpful and he was not the typical "high pressure-BS talking_ I gotta make a sale" type salesman. I highly recommend that anyone looking to buy a new KIA should go to the Clarksville IN store and insist on working with David. We bought the car that we were looking for from that store that day. It was a very pleasurable car purchase experience. Thank you David and Clarksville KIA store!! Jeffrey P Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 07/28/2014
    Great experience! Brittany Woosley was a great help! Matthew B Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 07/27/2014
    David and Sydney were very helpful throughout the car buying process. Myself and my family would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new car. Joe P Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 07/14/2014
    Finally am able to afford a brand new car thanks to Michael White Jr. and all his honesty and hard work. I'm a proud owner of a 2015 Kia Forte. No more used cars for me!! This car is smooth and I was able to get everything I wanted. I no longer have to worry about coming up with $$$ to get something fix, everything is under warrenty bumper to bumper for at least 5 yrs. / 100,000 miles. Even then I still will have a warrenty for additional 5 yrs. / 100, 00 miles on all the main parts (engine, transmission). Evryone her at the Preston Hwy location is really friendly and makes you feel confortable. Stop in purchase your vehicle here!! Courtney B Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 07/11/2014
    Just bought my 2nd car. Traded in my 2011 Forte Koup which i was so happy with the past 3 years. I picked up a 2015 Forte5 Hatch and was so happy with Andy my sales guy and Sydney. Thanks all for a over all good experience. Nick W Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/25/2014
    I had a great experience at Kia. Everyone at Kia was very helpful and I did not feel pressured that I had to buy any vehicle. I had 2 vehicles in mind when I went and I purchased the 2nd pick : 2005 Chevy Equinox SUV and I love it! A big thank you to Kalan, Sydney, Pat and Jessica. I would definitely recommend Kia of Clarksville to anyone wanting to purchase a new vehicle! Suzanne Morrison Suzanne M Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/14/2014
    Will Montgomery super great tech. Helped so much. Love hom. Cyndi N Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 06/13/2014
    My husband Jeremy and I went into the KIA store "just to look", we really hadn't planned on buying a new car. We were introduced to David Gray and he showed us the Optima and explained all the perks of owning a Hybrid (like saving a ton on gas and oil changes every 5 months :)). Love at first drive for sure. such a nice luxury car, and very spacious interior! I have never owned a new car and lets say that things have changed! There are so many more features I had never seen and was a little intimidated. however they had a nice young man there named Will Montgomery and he walked me through every in and out before I drove off the lot. He explained every tiny detail and was very patient with a slow learner!!! While we waited for them to do the last of the detail work David made sure we knew where to go in the store for when we return for other service. He got us set up and he was very nice and understanding of us having our 2 kids running wild. I will tell all friends looking for cars to go visit our new friends. Cant wait to return for my oil change in November Jeremy S Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 06/12/2014
    I had a wonderful experience at the Clarksville location. All the staff including Jody, Sydney, Bre, and many others were extremly helpful and not pushing at all. I love my new 2015 Optima. They went above and beyond to put me in my new car. I will also say they were excellent on timing. I was in and out within two hours. Michelle F Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/11/2014
    Bought a Kia Forte on 6/13/14. Donna was our sales person and she went above and beyond to make our visit an extremely enjoyable one. Sydney went through all the controls and options the Forte had making sure we understood all of them before driving off the lot. These two ladies will be the reason we will return to Kia. Wilma M Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/10/2014
    Was very good and a lot quicker than I thought it would take. Everyone was very nice and made sure I was taken of. The big thing for me was time as I didn't have much and they took care of e quickly and made sure everything was right. Brian K Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/10/2014
    My Service was great!! Jon-Jon is an excellent sales man. Very friendly and professional. He truly cared about my needs and worked very hard to find the Right car for My Family and I. I loved the friendly environment and the way everyone worked together to meet the customers needs. My car care pro Sydney was absolutely wonderful!! She's very Nice and professional and couldn't have made me feel better about buying my car. Everybody I know that's looking to buy a new car I am Definitely telling them to go to the Kia Store Clarksville!!! Just want to say thanks again for a great car buying experience!! Monique T Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/09/2014
    Chris at Kia rocks, no pressure, and willing to work his magic. Came in in a clunker from Neil Huffman and leaving in a 2014 dependable car that I'll be showing off to everyone. Paperwork and explaining my coverages with Shawn was a breeze and the fact he knows where a customer is coming from makes it that much more like a family ran business..Rock out guys and Thanks again. Jamie C Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/09/2014
    Very nice and knowlegadble staff John B Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/08/2014
    Loving my new Kia Forte. I had a very genuine and caring salesperson who went above and beyond. He didnt pressure me and helped make my dream of owning a brand new car reality. Please ask for Chris Barnes so he can make your dreams a reality too. Tammy B Internet Review Kiastoreetown

  • 06/08/2014
    Andy Norton was a terrific salesperson. Megan Goins and Sydney Daub explained my car inside and out perfectly. Really good effort on the team from the Clarksville store! Lawrence M Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/08/2014
    Just bought a Kia Sportage. Alex, Megan and Rodney are awesome. They made me the deal that I wanted. Alene W Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/07/2014
    I had a great experience buying my new 2014 Soul at Kia East. Keith Lovelace was wonderful to work with, and Yolunda Jenkins walked me through my purchase before I drove off the lot. Nice folks! Thanks! Shelly G Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/22/2014
    Great atmosphere and customer service all around, sales team is always on their toes to help as i pull up. wonderful place Eric T Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 05/21/2014
    The sales person was excellent Dennis C Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 05/17/2014
    Great experience! Wonderful customer service :) Ebonie F Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 05/16/2014
    Very good! Rowana L Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 05/14/2014
    My husband Mike and I just purchased an Optima on Saturday the 12th and couldn't be happier! 1st Jody Smith went out of his way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. He patiently explained the differences between the packages and features making sure we got the best deal for our money while still getting the bells and whistles we were craving. Then there was Alex Mancuso, he made sure we would be capable of actually using those cool features we wanted! He answered all of our questions and didn't even once make the face our children do when they're thinking we're technically challenged ;) (He and Jody are warm and friendly people) I also have to mention Jessica Gray the business manager. She was working solo Saturday, processing loans one after the other, and was doing so with both grace and efficiency. She is an absolute sweetheart! Thanks everyone for a wonderful experience. Dana B Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/12/2014
    I have 2 cars from Kia of Clarksville and I have to say this one is the best. Just bought a new van from JP and the lady who took care of the paper work Megan was very helpful. They answered all questions and I will be back to do business again and hope that I get the same people. Brandon N Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/11/2014
    Jason was awesome and helpful, had a great experience for a first time buyer! (: Ashley M Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 05/11/2014
    Great experience......Easy to work with to get what I wanted. Second time back and will keep coming back!! Candice C Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 05/11/2014
    Easiest car purchase I have ever made. And I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...everyone was very personable. I felt like I was hanging out there...not buying a car. After dealing with Oxmoor Toyota in 2010, I was scared to ever go through the process of buying a car again. I have also bought from Sam Swope and Honda Clarksville in the past....now I really can't imagine going anywhere other than The Kia Store for future purchases. I wish I had gone to them years ago. But, they are definitely stuck with me now! Rob Mac, thank you for the best treatment I could have ever asked for! Will Montgomery, thanks for beating Rob Mac by treating me even better than he did! (Okay, it was equal) I know how to work every gadget (I think)! And Silent Bob, you did great! I have already been spreading the word. Wendy H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/11/2014
    Vitaly and Tony Bee are awesome!!!! Hit 'em up if you're looking for a new car. This was the easiest and best car buying experience I have ever had. Gin F Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/10/2014
    Y husband and I purchased a brand new 2015 Kia Sorento from Hana Choi, she was very professional, helpful, and efficient. She made buying a car an enjoyable experience and we will most defiantly use her again! Will Montgomery was also extremely helpful. He took his time and walked me through all of the new features that the 2015 has offered. Thanks to the two of them we will be coming back when we are ready to trade again! Michelle C Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/10/2014
    We came to Kia with a slight intention to purchase a new car because the current car was about to die. I was a little uneasy but after spending time with Jessica, she really helped set my nerves at ease. I must say that she made this car buying process the easiest I have ever experiences. Surveys often ask how likely are you to recommend this product/service/company to someone else. I am proud to say I already have. We could not be more happy with the feeling of safety every time we get behind the wheel in our new KIA... Thank you KIA Store East for all you did for us!!! Tera H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/09/2014
    Jody Smith and Alex Mancuso were great. Jody was very helpful in finding us the right car. Made several trips from one side of the lot to the other showing us different models. This was our second Kia purchase. Alex did a great job showing us all the controls and how to work them. Michael B Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/09/2014
    I am currently in the process of trying to purchase a car from Kia. And I must say, they are amazing! Tony is literally the nicest person ever and he is working so hard to try and help me out! My situation is pretty difficult to work with but he is absolutely doing everything he can to try and figure something out for me! He keeps me up to date everytime any new info comes in or anything changes and he even stayed late to talk to me one night and go over some numbers. I absolutely did not expect to get treated so well, but I am so over joyed with everything he and Kia are trying to do for me :) If this deal goes through I will absolutely come back and buy more cars in the future from them, and if it doesn't I will come back later when my credit is where it needs to be! Erica T Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/09/2014
    I purchased a 2014 Soul last week, and my experience could not have been better. Rob McAlmont was my salesman, recommended to me by a friend who had also bought from him. He spent a lot of time with me, even going out in the pouring rain to bring a third car to the showroom for me to see and compare. I left there with a wonderful new car that I love knowing that I could call Rob if I had any questions or problems. I returned the next day for Will Montgomery to teach me how to use all of the many cool features on my new car. He was very helpful and patient and wanted to be sure I knew how to do everything before I left. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. Sue F Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/09/2014
    Ms Yolanda was very professional and knowledgeable about the operation of my new kia optima she ensured that my eservice was correctly done and that i was able to use it. she also made sure that i was comfortable with the use of all the controls for my new car and there location along with all the safety features of the vehicle Tony H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 05/09/2014
    I just got my Kia Optima from Kia Store East; really glad I did that. Love the car and the customer service I got is just exceptional! Been to a few dealers and Kia has the best customer service compared to them; Hana Choi and Michelle Robinson have been awesome in taking care of my requirements and the responses I got back from them are quick. Operating the gadgets are a piece of cake with Will Montgomery's patience in going through each of the options. Yun S Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 05/08/2014
    Jeff Daily and Megan were really helpful and made car buying much easier than I had imagined. They did a great job. 5 stars for both of them. Linda K Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/08/2014
    I just purchased my second vehicle with this store, and the reason was because of the excellent service I received the first time! I immediately looked for Andy, who sold me my first Kia, and he again worked diligently to find not only the car I wanted, but financing I could afford! Megan was outstanding as well--she understood my complete illiteracy where technology is concerned, and was able to explain to me how all the new "gadgets" worked. If you are in the market for a Kia, I highly recommend this store and these wonderful employees who truly are customer focused! Carrie I Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/08/2014
    Four other dealers couldn't get what we wanted. Alisa came through! Great experience. Highly recommend! Troy A Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 04/18/2014
    Bob was very friendly and informative...I will recommend him and Kia to friends Mamapam N Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 04/12/2014
    I had my KIA since 2009 and just love it. I just bought a new 2015 from Alisa gerton she was an excellent sales women! Troy lacy was excellent in the finance department! Michael white has been excellent with showing me all of the features. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy from the Kia store! From time to time people stop and ask me about my Kia, and I always tell them I love it and they need to go buy one and tell them that I sent them! Linda M Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 04/11/2014
    Fantastic buying experience and the Service Dept is even better. Great group of folks to do business with!! Erik G Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 03/12/2014
    Coming to the KIA Store on Preston Hwy. In louisville our experience was great. The sales associate Alisa did everything she could to find us a car we loved at a price we could afford. I highly recommend Alisa and the KIA store Preston Hwy. Ciera L Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 03/11/2014
    One week ago I posted the review listed below under the astericks and gave a one star rating. The next day my husband received a phone call from the general manager. He was very nice and apologetic about our experience the previous year, especially in regards to the Sportage passenger window/door lock situation (see below). He stated that he was not informed of it at the time of the occurence and that management below him has been changed in the last year. He wanted to know what he could do to take care of the problem. As far as the Kia Forte not holding value enough to refinance at this time, there really was nothing he could do. He also wanted to speak with me. A few days later we called him and discussed both the Sportage window/door lock and the Kia Forte refinancing. I explained that the refinancing was the last straw and that I didn't realize how aggravated I had been for the last year concerning the Sportage windowdoor lock. He was very understanding and had us schedule a time to repair the passenger window and lock for the Sportage. My husband took it in yesterday. He was provided a rental car at no charge while they worked on the Sportage. They not only fixed the passenger window/lock; they also replaced the cabin air filter, replaced lightbulbs that were burnt out, and replaced the rear wiperblade, all at no charge. I really appreciate the fact that my review was not only read, but action was taken immediately. We really do love the Forte and the Sportage as well. Based on his quick action, we would definitely consider Kia Store East again for another car purchase. Edna H Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 02/18/2014
    They are awesome! They got me the car I wanted with the deal I couldn't refuse! Go see Alisa, she'll take care of you! All of the team were very helpful in finding what I wanted! Kaitlyn P Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 02/17/2014
    The Salesmen here are very nice and worked really really hard to put me in a vehicle that I wanted!! i recommend the Kia Store on Preston!! Excellent work guys!! Thank you sooo very much!!!! Yolanda W Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 02/17/2014
    Poor Customer Service! Period. Chris G Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 02/13/2014
    Good service. Eula B Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/12/2014
    Bought our new Optima here and we just love it. We live in Owensboro and the drive over was more then worth it! Ron Grider was our salesman and Jerry Davis was the manager who worked out the deal. Both went over and above what we ever expected. Feels good to actually have everything the way they said it would be after we drove the 2 hours to Clarksville. We arrived, Jerry appraised our trade while Ron showed us the car we called about. We worked out the numbers and were in and out of the dealership faster then any other time when we have bought cars in the past elsewhere. We couldn't have ask for a better experience! Gene W Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/12/2014
    Terrific Service and a great staff. If anyone is needing a car contact Jerome Harris He has been amazing for us and got us just what we wanted,. When about and beyond the call of duty. And the tech guy has been great too ;-) Miranda C Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 02/05/2014
    The salespeople are great and I love driving my Kia! Could not imagine a better place to buy a car. Jerry R Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/05/2014
    I just want to let the Upper Management team know that Hana was Amazing! We came in just to look at some cars and instead got informed about KIA. She was informative, personable, and a straight shooter. We are coming back next month and buying a ca4 from there. We are MOST DEFINITELY going to be looking for her. Thanks again Hana,The Lucas Family Jay L Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    The Kia Store East is the PLACE TO BUY A NEW OR USED CAR! I worked with Hana Lulu and she greeted me with enthusiasm and explained everything to me, step by step. Even the managers came and greeted me enlightened me with coffee, drinks, pop corn and even lunch! I LOVE my new 2014 KIA FORTE and would not have bought it from anywhere else! Thank you KIA EAST! Christina H Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    I love the kia store east..... awesome service!!! Ashley S Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    I really like the Customer Service at the Kia Store East I purchased my wife's Suv from kia and I was happy with my monthly payment. And the honesty of the Mgr. And really liked my Sales Consultant he wasn't at all pushy nor did he pressure me. If you're in the market for new or previously enjoyed Vehicle you go to try the Kia Store East 502-425-1234 ask for Chris Forehand. Mancel T Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    First time buying a car and Hana Choi was who helped me take care of everything! She even gave my son a cute HamStar stuffed toy to help keep him quiet while we went over all of the paperwork. Will definitely recommend to my friends! Erica A Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    My husband and I were in the market for a good, reliable, used car. Hana Lulu helped us find something affordable, good, low interest rates, and all of our kids actually fit in it!! We absolutely love our Kia Sorento! Gia M Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    Recently divorced and unsure what I could afford. Everyone at Kia Store East was very nice and accommodating. I worked with Hana Lulu and she helped me find a good little work car. Definitely one less stressor in my life thanks to her! Alicia G Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/04/2014
    September 2013 is when my husband and I decided to purchase a new car! We went to Kia Store East and Hana Choi was our sales person . Hana is an amazing person who took the time to listen to what we was really looking for in a car. Hana went and found a 2011 Kia Soul that she knew was going to be a perfect car for my husband and I ! We test drove the Kia Soul with Hana and she went over and explained every detail of the car she even gave us her phone number if we ever needed her we could call and I have made several phone calls to Hana and she has always been helpful !! In November of 2013 I was was hit while driving the Kia Soul and the insurance company totaled the car !! I called Hana and told her about the accident. Hana said you come back to The Kia store and see me Hana was my hero because she yet again helped us get another car !! We are now the proud owners of a 2014 Kia Soul !! Hana made sure that we stayed in a budget and she worked very hard and done all she could to make sure we was taken care of both times !! Everony at the Kia Store East are very nice but Hana was who really done most !! I will always have great things to say and my experience there was the best I have ever had at any car dealership !!! Crystal M Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 12/19/2013
    I recently came into the Kia Store East and My daughter purchased her first car as a Adult. Our experience was Excellent from the salesman to the finance manager to the guy who closed the deal. The Guys that helped us made it feel like a great experience and it was a memory for my daughter that was able to purchase the car that she wanted a 2012 Kia Sol. I would also like to thank the nice salesman that helped my daughter clean out her old car he was nice enough to walk her bag of stuff to her new Kia now that's great customer service and he didn't even sell her the car. We would like to thank Greg and Tony for making my daughter's first time buying a car a wonderful Experience . Krystal M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/17/2013
    Awesome dealership! My experience was 100% FANTASTIC. The GM (Steve Mudd) assisted me with my purchasing of a 2013 Kia Soul. Steve was overly helpful, professional, and very patient with me. He worked hard matching my car payments to my desire. His staff was great. I felt assertive with my purchase and I am very thankful for the Kia Store East making my car buying experience remarkable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE KIA STORE EAST!!! Jeanitra M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/15/2013
    My experiences at Kia Store East have been nothing but POSITIVE. I must admit when I first went there 6 years ago, I was very unsure of any salesman at any dealership. Now some six or seven years later, my family has made purchases to include: 2007 Kia Optima (Son in Navy, still has it, never had a problem with it.) 2009 Kia Sportage (Wife's first Kia) 2010 Kia Optima (2nd son car for college) 2011 Kia Sorento (My first Kia) 2013 Kia Optima (Wife fell in love with it, Christmas present last year) 2014 Kia Sorento (Had to have it, My father is now driving the 2011 Sorento, which he purchased from Rob Mac, and he is enjoying every minute of it.) I have had nothing but FANTASTIC service both with, what I call my personal Kia sales reps to include Rob Mac, and Steve Mudd. I do not consider myself a customer, but a member of what I consider a family. Anyone looking to purchase a car new or used, cannot go wrong with Kia Store East. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROB MAC, and STEVE MUDD for anyone looking to make a purchase. I am not just blowing smoke, try them for yourself, you won't be sorry. Antonio W Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/12/2013
    I had a splendid experience at this KIA store. The service was great, the people were friendly, and the environment was fabulous. I will be back for all of my kia needs. I love my KIA! Kim O Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/12/2013
    My Experience with The Kia Store was EXCELLENT!! Best Car Buying Experience Ever! Everyone Involved was Helpful & Easy to Work with. Keep Up The Consistency of Great Customer Service and Great Deals! Brian C Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/12/2013
    My experience at Kia was wonderful. Steve Mudd was very helpful and worked very hard to get my monthly payments where I needed it to be. I was very pleased with how he treated me and how much he cared about helping me with my decision to find the right car. I am very satisfied with the purchase of my car and my overall buying experience. Courtney L Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/11/2013
    Bought a 2014 Kia Optima this past summer. Had nothing but great experience from the salesman, tok the finance manager and the service department. I would recommend this dealership and Kia vehicles to anyone. I have had no problems out of this Optima, runs awesome, drives smooth. Would not own another Nissan/Toyota/Ford/Chevy after this purchase! John M Internet Review Kiastoreetown

  • 12/11/2013
    I bought a used 2007 Kia Optima. Loved this car. The sales staff was great. My salesman listen to what I was looking for and the manager worked extremely hard to get me the price that was in my budget. Buying a car isn't easy and I had been to several of the other dealerships in the area. I really thought I was going to have to cross the river in order to find what I was looking for and be treated the way I would expect to be treated but that wasn't necessary. Pat, the general manager was very helpful and being a woman made me feel at ease with my decision. This place is where I will come first from now on instead of wasting time and energy driving from dealer to dealer. Kym D Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/11/2013
    I was referred to the Kia Store of Clarksville by a friend and I am so happy I choose to buy a car from here. My sales person Andy was amazing and did everything he could to get me into the car of my dreams. I LOVE LOVE my red Sorento and it is everything I ever wanted. Suzanne G Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/11/2013
    I recently made a trip to the Kia Store in Clarksville and had a great experience. My sales person, Ron, was very polite. I really enjoyed my experience at the Kia Store in Clarksville even though I wasn't able to purchased on Saturday. Daryl Q Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/11/2013
    We bought a used vehicle and had great service and got a great price. Will definately do business with them again. Thanks Kia Store! JW I Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/11/2013
    Best car dealership in the city of Louisville. The whole staff is on the same page and work tirelessly to give you the best deal possible. Steve Mudd is one of the best in the business. Andrew P Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 12/10/2013
    Matt the Kia care pro and Jeff the car pro were fantastic. Very helpful and courteous. Was a very pleasant experience while I was there. Definitely would purchase again. Tom N Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/07/2013
    I originally came in to the store to assist with the finalization of my mothers car sale. Instead I came away with a new Kia Forte. At the time I owned a 2008 Kia Spectra 5 speed, I mentioned that I was tired of shifting gears, it was then suggested that I look at the 2012 Forte. Reluctantly I went for a test drive in what is now my Kia Forte, I fell in LOVE with the car immediately. Steve Mudd made it possible for me to drive away that day in a new car. I can't imagine driving anything else. My favorite feature, "Bluetooth", satellite radio automatic everything. Thanks to Steve Mudd and everyone at Kia for making the purchase of my new car so easy. Great experience, great staff and friendly atmosphere. Sincerely, Cylenthia Montgomery Cylenthia M Internet Review Kiastoreeast

  • 11/12/2013
    My husband and I both bought brand new vehicles 2 years ago from Kia Clarksville and had absolutely the best vehicle buying experience either of us had ever encountered. We both took our vehicles in for scheduled maintenance two days ago and, while they were being serviced, browsed the showroom. I was approached by Andy asking if he could help me with anything. On a whim, I started talking with him about an upgraded Sorento and actually ended up trading my 2012 Sorento for a fully loaded 2014 Sorento. Again, had the best vehicle buying experience one could ask for. Matt then came over to finalize the paperwork and made everything completely effortless. Matt also assisted me in signing up for my UVO account, gave me a tutorial inside my new vehicle of all its features and connected my phone and vehicle to the UVO account. Both Matt, Andy and everyone else involved made this "impulse buy" an excellent experience. My husband and I have been telling everyone, since our purchases in 2011, about the outstanding buying experience at Kia Clarksville and will continue to do so. Emily F Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/21/2011
    They have a solid selection, nice salesman and a clean facility. I was impressed overall by the number of new and used cars available and plan on taking advantage of their $200 referral program in the future. I would recommend them to a friend. Jerry R Yelp Kiastorepreston

  • 12/21/2011
    I am actually pretty surprised by the former review on here about her poor experience at Kia Store East. I understand her frustration about how the advertisements said that you can get a Sportage for as little as $11,990 when the one she really wanted was a bit pricier. It wasn't as if the dealership was lying, nor should the lady have expected to get all the features a high-end car would have in a new car for less than $12,000. No car dealer is a miracle worker - perhaps her expectations were unrealistic.I've found the guys at Kia to be very kind. The facilities are clean and the car selection is strong overall. If you are looking for an affordable new car, Kia or Hyundai seem to most definitely be the best options. Personally, I have not bought a car from Kia Store East, but I've had friends who have consistently purchased from this Kia dealership and spoke very highly of them.Also... I just want to put this out there... with the quality of today's technology, I honestly think that there isn't such a thing as a poor new car anymore. Do your homework and you won't be disappointed with what you drive away in and how much you paid for it. Jerry R Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 02/21/2011
    It has been a little over a month since I bought a 2011 Optima from the Kia Store East, and the honey moon is not over. I obviously loved it when I bought it, but my love for this car is border line obsessive. I wanted to wait to write a review to make sure the Kia Store East didn't try anything sneaky. I picked up my license plate last week, just made another payment on it, so now I think I can objectively write about my experience.As some other yelp users can attest to I did my fair share of research on The Kia Store East before I shopped their. I came across a bad review or two, like the one below frm a couple years back, but I also read a good amount of positive reviews. So I decided to give Kia East a shot, I went into the dealership with my guard up. I never had any conflict though, there was not a lot to be done. I loved the Optima, they had one. I got them to come down on their initial price and that was it. I had my own financing in order, so I did not need to use their finance department. I did sit down with their finance manager who was a very nice guy and thoroughly explained all my warranties to me. I was also able to meet the service manager who give me a brochure with free oil change coupons, and my scheduled maintenance. After the point of purchase I received a curtousy call from one of the sales managers. I told them the same thing I am telling you, I was impressed with the simplicity of the purchase, and happy with their customer service. Ted W Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 11/09/2010
    I had a very positive experience with The Kia Store East. I was limited in how much I could money I could spend, and even more limited in how much time I could spend looking. I started my search online, and that was the best decision I made. I inquired about a used 2002 Honda civic, and I heard back immediately. He told me a little more about the vehicle, and offered to set a test drive up at my connivence. We scheduled a test drive for the upcoming Saturday at 3pm. I got to the dealership at 3pm and my salesmen, Chris, and the Honda Civic were waiting for me. Chris let me take it for a spin, and just told me to come into the dealership when I was done and we could discuss some figures. I drove the car I loved it, I came into the dealership, and met Chris's sales manager Michael. Michael quoted me a price, and it was actually lower than the one they had online. Needless to say I bought the vehicle. I was very impressed wih how the dealership respected my time more than anything. They responded to my email quickly, they had the car waiting for me at the dealership, and they had a quote ready for me when I was done withe the test drive. Covert N Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 08/18/2010
    I was in desperate need for a car as my old Ford Taurus is literally falling apart. I had been to several Louisville car dealerships in the previous 6 months to attempt financing a used car, but I got the same story every time. They all told me my credit was great up until my divorce, and then it went downhill. They all told me I was going to have to get a cosigner or put like 5 grand down, so I just gave up on financing a car, I figured one may fall out of the sky. It was about 6 months of waiting for a car to fall out of the sky, when i saw the that Kia commercial on TV for the 15th time. The girl on the commercial looked at me through my tv and we had a conversation that went like this.Do you have a job?I told her yes. Do you have $199? I sure do.Do you want a new car?Absolutely.A car never fell out of the sky but this was the next closest thing. I was very hesitant to act on this at first, because I figured there was some sort of trickery in there. Then I looked through my window and I saw a Taurus that was struggling, and I figured I had nothing to lose. I got on their website and filled out a credit application and crossed my fingers. I immediately received an email back from the dealership saying they would review credit and be in touch. The following morning I received a call from the finance manager at the Kia Store East wanting to discuss somethings pertaining to my credit history. I went to the dealership that afternoon and was greeted by the sales manager Michael. He introduced himself and said they would do anything they could send me home with some new wheels. He introduced to Don the finance manager, who I had previously exchanged emails with. Don said that he looked over my credit and while it was going to be a challenge to get me approved for a loan, he thought he may have a few lenders that he could reach out to. Our meeting was more for me to understand that he was going to work really hard to get me approved and he expected me to work really hard on making my payments. This was the first time in 6 months I was optimistic about ditching my Taurus and driving a car that actually worked.When I left the finance office I met back up with Michael, who had a list of cars, that I would have the highest chance of getting a loan approved on. Although there was a list of 5 - 10 vehicles in front of me, only one car stood out was a 2009 Kia Sorento. I asked to take it for a spin and I loved it. It was hard not to love it when I compared it to my Tuarus. I told Michael I wanted it and he told me "take it." I assumed we had to do a heap of paper work first. He went on to tell me that it was going to take a couple days to get me approved and they would spot me in it untill the deal was done. I did not hesitate, I figured that even if things didn't work out, a few days without my taurus would just be blessing. After two days of bonding with my Sorento I got a call from Don. He had kind of a dull tone in his voice like he had some bad news for me. Then he said Will I got some bad news for you. I am afraid you need to come to the dealership and say by to your Tuarus because we are taking in to the junk yard. After a brief moment confusion I realized this meant they got me approved. I was in total shock. I went to the dealerships, signed some papers, took one last look at my Taurus and drove off. On the way home I was thinking of how great my service was from The Kia Store East. They treated me like I walked into the dealership with a wad of cash and said find me a car. They knew from the second I emailed them that they would have to to a lot of leg work to get me a car, and most likely not make much money on the deal. It is nice to see a car dealer car about the people they serve and not how much money they make on the car. William C Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 08/13/2010
    There was really not a lot to this process and that is why I am giving it such a good review. I walked around the dealership looking at the Kia Sorento, a salesmen named Will greeted me and asked if I needed help. I told him I was just looking. He gave me his card and said feel free to ask any questions. I looked for another 20 or 30 minutes and nobody bothered me. I went inside the dealership, and found Will, he already had the keys pulled to the car he watched me stalk for 20 minutes. We took itt for a drive, I loved it. We went inside they offered me a great deal, I took it. Just like that it was done, a very easy process. Staff was nice, my new Sorento is great, and I bought a car without my blood pressure rising, what more can you ask for? Why T Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 07/16/2010
    As a resident of a small town in Southern Indiana I basically have two cities to choose from when ever its time to make a big purchase such as a car, Indianapolis or Louisville, KY. I must say that I usually try to stay within the state and be a loyal Hoosier but after doing a fair share of research the prices on used cars Louisville had to offer made my decision easy. I made the drive to Kia Store East at 7301 New Lagrange Rd Louisville, KY 40222 was treated very well through out the whole process.In my eyes the Kia Store East must be in the running for best louisville car dealer, a combination of their customer service and low prices make it an ideal place to buy any type of automobile. I love Indiana but for now on when it comes to buying used cars Louisville will be the only place I go. The short drive south that I made saved me thousands of dollars, so I got to drive home in a car I loved with money to spare. If your interested in a new or used car I highly recommend you call the Kia Store in Louisville at (888) 208-8387. Fred J Yelp Kiastoreeast

  • 07/09/2010
    My mom needed a car and I did not trust any car dealership enough to send her there alone. We tried to find a day where we could both get together and make it out to look at some cars, but due to conflicting schedules it was near impossible. After two weeks my mom came over one night in a new car. She got out and was all smiles and I was very hesitant to get as excited as her because I was assuming she got ripped off at some used car dealership.She told me she got the car at The Kia Store Clarksville, and how much she got it for. The price seemed fair, then she pulled out a Kelly Blue Book print out, that they gave her at the dealership. She got a great deal on the car, and I was very impressed with how the Kia Store Clarksville did business. Rick F Yelp Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/10/2010
    I had the best service i have ever when I bought a new car at The Kia Store Clarksville .The entire staff were extremely polite and really made me comfortable. My Salesmen Ryan was super smart and without him i definitely wouldn't have bought my hyundai sedona that day. Kia Store Clarksville really turned me into a loyal customer. keep up the great work. I would recommend anyone looking the best used cars Clarksville IN lot to look here. Fletch P Yelp Kiastoreclarksville

  • 04/02/2010
    I liked everyone else put off buying a car as long as I possible could. There was nothing on my old Honda that some duct tape could not fix. As I got older and "more professional" I knew it was time to upgrade my ride.It seemed that I looked at every used cars Clarksville IN lot, and I could not find anything. In a last ditch effort to find a nice cheap used car, I went by the Kia Store Clarksville IN dealership. I was expecting to get another little honda civic or honda accord, but then I saw the Kia Optima. If you have seen the new Kia Optimas you can imagine my shock at how nice and cheap they were, not to mention a unreal warranty. Frank E Yelp Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/31/1969
    I really enjoyed The Kia Store off of Preston. It always seems to have a fresh selection of new and used cars and more importantly than ever: I've found the sales staff to be kind and knowledgeable. They definitely deserve a look if you are in the market for buying a new or used vehicle in Louisville.Liked: Value, Service Matt L Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/31/1969
    I had a great experience at The Kia Store off Preston. I've purchased 2 cars and always felt like I received a great deal. The sales team was very helpful and knowledgeable. I didn't feel any pressure to buy. I have recommended this store to my friends, family and coworkers and I will continue to do so. Can't wait to purchase a turbo Optima! Anonymous Reviewer Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/31/1969
    You just can't beat the Kia Store on Preston. So far i have purchased three different vehicles from them. I couldn't ask for better service from a dealer. This was the best experience i have had buying a car, I was in and out within an hour! I would recommend the Kia Store to anyone! Anonymous Reviewer Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/31/1969
    Great service, found a car on their website that was exactly what I was looking for. There was no hassle and able to get a deal and honest salesmanship from Lauren who was great! Recommend them 100%, totally satisfied with our new Kia! Anonymous Reviewer Internet Review Kiastorepreston

  • 12/31/1969
    I was rear ended and it totaled out my car. I had no intention of looking to buy a car at this time. I went to the various dealerships in the area and checked craig's list regularly. What set Kia apart from the other places was the salesman I worked with. His name was Nick. I had my dad with me on the first night I went looking. Every other dealership we went to, the salesmen would talk to my dad and not me, even though we were very clear that we were looking for a car for me. Not Nick. Nick instantly started showing ME cars within MY budget. He was honest from the beginning that my intial budget would probably be too low to put me in something that had all of the features I was looking for. As the past 3 weeks have unfolded, Nick and I sent about 100 texts back and forth. Almost every other day he would check in with me to let me know what new vehicles had come in that he thought I might be interested in. He was never pushy; just tenative to my needs. The managers behind the counter made it a point to say hi to me every time I came in. It got to the point, that the other salesmen and managers recognized me as soon as I came on the lot. I was getting very discouraged that I would never find anything that I liked and could afford (I was still looking at other dealerships and on craig's list). Finally, after a 12 hour day of car shopping this past weekend, my dad and I stopped by Kia on the way home to see if Nick had found anything new. It just so happened he had taken a Kia Rondo in on a trade. It wasn't as luxurious as what I was originally looking for but it sure was a lot of car for the right amount of money. I have owned this Rondo since Saturday and I am very happy with it. After buying it, I discovered that the alignment was a little off. Kia has agreed to fix it for me. That says a lot to me because the sale is over. There is no reason they HAVE to fix this. If you want service, this dealership is it. The sales staff are knowledgeable and fun to work with. I actually enjoyed myself while working with them. I feel cars are overpriced and that Kia's use to be cheaper than they are now. They seem to be holding their value too well. Now that I'm an owner I guess that isn't a problem, but as a buyer it was. That is the ONLY reason for 4 stars instead of 5. If you want to enjoy your experience, check out Kia of Clarksville and ask for Nick.• • •Liked: ServiceDisliked: Value Heather L Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/31/1969
    Very knowledgeable sales staff and a fun car buying experience! Rachel is great and I highly recommend you ask for her!Liked: Service, Value Anonymous Reviewer Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

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