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The entire car buying experience is never fun, but buying from the Kia Store was a breath of fresh air. Its no secret that used cars lots are not for the weak minded. Nobody in their right mind would send their grandmother to a used car lot alone with her checkbook to buy a car. That is just the reputations used car lots have. The Kia Store is making a very strong push to break through that stereotype. Besides giving me the car for free, they could not have done much more for me. Throw away everything you know about buying a used car, the heckling, the buy now attitude, the hostage like negotiations with the dreaded sales managers in their Ivory tower on the other side of the room. Everything! When I was at the Kia Store it was more like going to any retail store, and just getting help from an employee. I wouldn't be surprised if the salesmen didn't even get commission. My salesmen's only care seemed to be if I got good service or not. Good Louisville used cars lots are not easy to come across. I consider myself very lucky to have found such an easy going trustworthy dealership. I will be recommending it to all my friends.