2021 Kia Soul Review

If your regular commutes are due for an upgrade, you’re in for quite an experience. Here at The Kia Store, we’re excited to share this 2021 Kia Soul review with Louisville, Kentucky, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Indiana, drivers. Keep reading!

2021 Kia Soul: Let’s Explore the Cabin

Whether you often find yourself driving when you and your friends go to concerts and ballgames or you have a growing family, having a mode of transportation that offers its occupants a comfortable ride is sure to be of utmost importance. With a passenger volume that measures at 102.2 cubic feet, you can be quite certain that the Soul has what it takes to do just that.

Additionally, it offers the kind of headroom, shoulder room, hip room, and legroom measurements that everyone onboard can use to stretch out, relax, and make themselves comfortable. Here are the numbers to prove it:

First Row (inches) Second Row (inches)
Headroom 39.4 39.5
Shoulder Room 55.5 54.7
Hip Room 53.5 52.8
Legroom 41.1 38.8


Convenience Features

One key item of convenience that effectively sets the 2021 Soul apart would be the available Wireless Phone Charger. With this at your disposal, you and your passengers will be able to have access to fully charged smartphones no matter how long the drive proves to be. Additionally, this feature comes with an indicator light that turns on when the phone it’s currently charging is full. As a result, everyone will have the opportunity to get their turn.

Heated Outside Mirrors are also available in the 2021 Kia Soul. Rain, snow, and ice will be less of a factor when it comes to checking your mirrors to keep track of your surroundings.

Safety Features for the 2021 Kia Soul

When you find yourself backing up in a parking lot or out of a driveway, the standard Rear-Camera Display is there to provide you with a full view of the area directly behind you. It even includes a superimposed footprint of the models’ width to help you navigate the Soul as accurately as possible.

There’s also the Blind Spot Collision Warning. This available feature keeps an eye out for drivers in your blind spots in neighboring lanes. If something is there, you will see a flashing icon in the exterior side mirror. You’ll hear an audible chime if you activate your turn signal to indicate that you’re attempting to change lanes while the corresponding blind spot is occupied.

Smart Cruise Control is also available. It uses radar to adjust your speed according to the flow of traffic.

Take the 2021 Kia Soul for a Spin

Now that you’ve had a peek at such impressive Soul attributes as its 41.1 inches of front-row legroom and the Blind Spot Collision Warning, it’s time for you to get a feel for all of this for yourself. If you’re in Louisville, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, or Clarksville, IN, contact or stop by The Kia Store today to take your 2021 Kia Soul test drive.


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