Kia Dashboard Light Guides

2019 Kia Optima

Has a dashboard warning light illuminated in your Kia? Find out exactly what it’s trying to tell you with our informative dashboard light guides. On this page, you will find helpful guides to the Kia Sorento dashboard symbols, as well as your other favorite Kia cars.

The next time a warning light comes on in your Kia vehicle, The Kia Store wants you to be prepared. Kia owners in Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Clarksville can browse our break-downs of Kia dashboard light symbols to learn more.

Kia Forte Dashboard Symbols  
Kia Sorento Dashboard Symbols

Why Read About Dashboard Symbols?

The presence of a dashboard warning light can cause some uncertainty for drivers. Knowing exactly what each symbol is indicating can provide peace of mind, however. With our dashboard light guides, you can become well informed on the specific lights found in your Kia vehicle.

Our guides will also inform you if any further action is required after seeing a Kia dashboard light symbol. Knowing what services your Kia car may need right when it needs it keeps you safe and your Kia car running smoothly.

What You’ll Learn

Electronic stability control warning lightIn our dashboard light guides, you will learn about all the most popular dashboard warning lights, such as:

  • Dynamic Bending Light Warning Light
  • Electronic Stability Control Indicator Light
  • Master Warning Light

Our guides are designed to keep you informed on your Kia dashboard’s light symbols. When you see your Kia vehicle on our list, just click on the link to be redirected to its guide. Read through the guide thoroughly and be sure to save it for future reference.

What to do If You See a Dashboard Warning Light

Now that you have read through our helpful guides on the Kia Sorento dashboard symbols, as well as your other favorite Kia vehicles, you know how to handle the next warning light you encounter. Consult our dashboard light guides and if maintenance is needed, be sure to visit the service center at The Kia Store.

We are proud to assist Kia owners in Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Clarksville when a Kia dashboard light symbol indicates service is needed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.