Kia Rio vs Toyota Corolla

The Kia Store is dedicated to making sure our neighbors in Louisville and Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Indiana, have all the information they need to choose the mode of transportation that best suits their sensibilities.

That’s where this Kia Rio vs. Toyota Corolla comparison comes in. These two sets of wheels possess a lot of notable characteristics that make them both worth your time. However, you can only choose one as your next on-road companion. We have placed them side by side for you to find out for yourself which one that will be. Read further to determine which one is right for you.

Kia Rio Safety

Kia Rio vs Toyota Corolla: Safety and Exterior Dimensions

The Rio and the Corolla each place advanced safety technologies at your disposal. The Rio takes things a bit further by offering the available Driver Attention Warning (DAW) and Rear-Occupant Alert (ROA). DAW alerts drivers when it detects that their attention has drifted from the road ahead. If you’re fatigued, you can pull over for a quick rest!

If you often have small children or pets in the second row, the ROA comes in handy by reminding you to check the back once you’ve arrived at your destination. Neither the DAW nor the ROA are available in the Toyota Corolla.

The Kia Rio is 172.6 inches long, 67.9 inches wide, and has a wheelbase that measures 101.6 inches. The Corolla is 182.3 inches long, 70.1 inches wide, and has a 106.3-inch wheelbase. Its smaller stature allows the Rio to corner better when taking on tighter turns.

Kia Rio Interior

A Look at Interior Measurements

The Kia Rio continues to pull ahead as we move on to what these rides give you in terms of comfort. We’ll start with the 2021 Kia Rio. See the list below:

  • Front-row headroom—38.9 in.
  • Second-row headroom—37.4 in.
  • First-row shoulder room—54.1 in.
  • Second-row shoulder room—53.3 in.

The following is what you can expect from the 2022 Toyota Corolla within the same areas:

  • Front-row headroom—38.3 in.
  • Second-row headroom—37.1 in.
  • First-row shoulder room—54 in.
  • Second-row shoulder room—51.7 in.

These numbers make it clear that it’s the Kia Rio that allows you and your passengers to enjoy optimum comfort while making your way from Point A to Point B.

Kia Rio vs Toyota Corolla: The Results Are in

While the Toyota Corolla certainly does its best to hold its own, the Rio ends up being the better option here. Its reassuring safety features, advantageous size, and roomy cabin simply outperform what the Corolla has to offer.

If you’re thinking that the Kia Rio provides you with the best chance to enjoy an enhanced driving experience in Elizabethtown and Louisville, KY, or Clarksville, IN, contact The Kia Store today to take it for a test drive. Contact The Kia Store to set up a convenient day and time today.

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