Kia Service Center

At The Kia Store, we’re proud to help drivers in Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Clarksville find the right new or used car that they can rely on. However, our commitment doesn’t end at the signing and handshake, because we’re here to help you keep your Kia out on the road performing at its best miles from now. Our service center is here to help you get more out of your driving experience so you can rely on your vehicle for years.

State-of-the-Art Service Center

Service is an important factor to consider for all drivers. Your vehicle requires some routine services and inspections periodically, like oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks. Having an automotive service center that you can rely on is important for every driver, and at The Kia Store, we’re here for you. Our service center is equipped with the latest tools and automotive technology that we’ll use to ensure that your vehicle is getting the necessary service, adjustments, and repairs so you can continue to enjoy hitting the road in your Kia.

Our Kia Experts

We have an entire team of certified technicians on-site to provide your vehicle with service and maintenance. They’ve been specially trained and certified with Kia vehicles, so they know the proper procedures and tactics to make sure that your vehicle is getting the attention it needs. Using sophisticated diagnostic systems, our technicians can detect the issue that is affecting your vehicle’s performance, so they can make the necessary repairs to bring your Kia back to working order and ensure that it can continue to perform at its best and most efficient.

The Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

You don’t always have to bring your vehicle into our service center when there’s something wrong. In fact, regularly scheduled maintenance and service has a lot of benefits. It allows you to stay on top of your required services and inspections. However, the biggest benefit is that our technicians can spot an issue developing under the hood. They’ll be able to take care of it right away and ensure that the issue is corrected. If the issue went by undetected, it could’ve led to a significant problem that would’ve not only kept your vehicle out of commission for a short period of time, but it could’ve ended up being a costly repair, too.

Scheduling Your Next Service Appointment

At The Kia Store, we’re always happy to help drivers with their automotive needs. When it’s time for routine service or spontaneous repairs, you can always schedule your service appointment with us. You can either schedule your service online by filling out the form, or you can simply give us a call and we’ll confirm your appointment. When you’re here, you’ll be able to relax and get comfortable in our customer lounge while we perform the right services and repairs on your vehicle.

At The Kia Store, we’re proud to help drivers in Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Clarksville with their automotive needs. Schedule your service appointment with us today!