Kia Sportage Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule for Kia Sportage Louisville KY

If you enjoy your experiences of driving your Kia Sportage throughout the hilly terrain and beautiful landscapes of Louisville, Elizabethtown, Clarksville, and beyond, you’ll want to keep those adventures coming. Servicing your Sportage regularly is important because it helps keep the Kia vehicle in optimal shape. But the best way to know when to schedule service is by following your Kia Sportage maintenance schedule.

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Making Sense of Your Kia Maintenance Schedule

You don’t need to be a Kia-certified technician to understand your maintenance schedule. Your schedule is broken down by mileage because it’s a more accurate form of measurement than time. Each mileage interval will correspond with a few select services that you’ll need to have performed. It’s important to note that these services get repeated each time you add that mileage to your Kia vehicle.

Now that you know how your Sportage maintenance schedule is broken down, you’ll be ready to have your Kia vehicle serviced at the right times!

Kia Sportage Scheduled Maintenance

  • Kia Sportage Maintenance Schedule Louisville KY 6,000 Miles: At your first service interval, you’ll need a few important items on the list. Most notably, this is the point where you have your engine oil, oil filter, and climate control hose filter all changed, and you have your tires rotated. You’ll also have a thorough inspection of your steering gear rack, battery condition, exhaust system, and your air conditioner components.
  • 12,000 Miles: Since you’ve added 6,000 more miles to your Kia vehicle, you’ll need to get the previously listed services and inspections performed. However, you’ll also add some new items to the list. These include inspections of your brake fluid, fuel tank air filter, cooling system and connections, drive belts, and your parking brake.
  • 48,000 Miles: On top of the various inspections and services that add up on this visit, you’ll want to replace your air cleaner filter and have your cooling system inspected.
  • 72,000 Miles: With the mounting services adding up, you’ll have a lot performed on your Kia vehicle once you’ve reached this interval. On top of the repeated services, you’ll have your differential oil inspected (or replaced, if necessary).
  • 97,500 Miles: During this specific interval, you’ll have a variety of inspections and services, but the most crucial one is your spark plug replacement.
  • 120,000 Miles: If you’ve kept up with all of your services, your Kia vehicle will reach this interval and require a few more. The biggest service it needs is the engine coolant flush and replacement (repeat this service every 30,000 miles from here on out).

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Now that you’ve got some more insight and details into the various services that your Kia Sportage requires over the years and miles, you’re ready to keep it running at its best! When it’s time to schedule your service, you can always contact us at The Kia Store. We’ll help you keep your Sportage on the road for years!

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