Kia Sportage vs Nissan Rogue

Kia Sportage vs Nissan Rogue

You pack your car up on Friday morning, ready to ride into the office before the fresh reprieve of the upcoming weekend. As your day draws to an end, you count down the minutes until you can punch out.

As you count on your ride for the workweek, and the exciting weekend that soon follows it, you need it to be versatile – providing space, power, and comfort. Two options that will do just that? The Kia Sportage and Nissan Rogue.

Could one, or both, of these automobiles be a fit for you around Louisville and Elizabethtown, KY, as well as Clarksville, IN? Take the first step in finding out with this Kia Sportage vs. Nissan Rogue comparison from our team here at The Kia Store.

Kia Sportage Engine Specs

Under the Hood

First, we’ll want to compare the engineering of the Sportage and Rogue. Here, the two will prove to be close competitors. Both feature impressive 4-cylinder engines that each produce 181 horsepower.

One area where we will observe a difference with these two automobiles, though, is with their towing ability. The Rogue comes ready to tow up to 1,350 pounds when properly equipped. Meanwhile, the properly-equipped Sportage offers a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. So, if you plan on heading to the lake or mountain for a weekend adventure, the Kia SUV will prove tall to the task.



Plenty of Interior Space

In exploring the Kia Sportage and Nissan Rogue, you will find that you have plenty of interior space available to you. Each comes with enough room to comfortably seat five passengers, making it perfect for traveling with family or friends.

Similarly, each automobile offers room for storage behind their respective second rows. Each offers over 30 cubic feet of cargo volume. So, whether you need to travel for work, are heading out of town for the weekend, or even just need to do some shopping, you will have plenty of room for bags.

In the Sportage, though, you will find a standard under-floor storage compartment in the cargo area. This extends your cargo space a bit, providing an additional area where you can store smaller items.

Kia Sportage Interior

Staying Connected On the Go

As you maneuver behind the wheel of the Sportage or Rogue, you will notice an impressive multimedia suite with each. Both come with 8-inch displays that make it easy to manage your functionalities like Android Auto™.

Where you will find the Kia SUV excels, though, is with its added integrations. The Sportage comes standard with Apple CarPlay® and Siri® Eyes Free, two features that make it extremely easy to connect and take calls, send texts, or even listen to your favorite playlist.

Which is Better? The Kia Sportage or Nissan Rogue?

Ready to ride home in the Sportage or Rogue? After completing this Kia Sportage vs. Nissan Rogue comparison, our team believes the Kia to be the better option for local drivers.

Contact us here at The Kia Store to learn more about the Kia vehicle, ask any questions you may have, or even set up a test drive.

We’re proud to serve drivers in and around Louisville and Elizabethtown, Kentucky, as well as Clarksville, Indiana, and hope to assist you soon!


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