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If you’re seeking out a sleek and modern sport utility vehicle for your adventures throughout Louisville, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, and Clarksville, IN, you’ve got a few options out there to consider. However, it’s likely that you’re having some trouble deciding whether you should go with the Kia Telluride or the Hyundai Palisade. Both of these stylish SUVs offer a lot to their respective drivers, but you’ll want to get a stronger sense of each model in order to decide which is the one for you.

At The Kia Store, we’re going to look closely at the Telluride vs. Palisade to show you what they offer and how they differ! Follow along to see for yourself.

Telluride vs Palisade Power & Efficiency

There are some fairly obvious similarities between the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade. For example, they’re each equipped with respective 3.8L V6 engines that feature Gasoline Direct Injection and are mated to 8-speed automatic transmissions. Each SUV can generate 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque respectively, but there is a slight difference with their fuel efficiencies. Take a look at the table below to see what we mean:

City MPG Highway MPG Combined MPG
Kia Telluride 20 26 23
Hyundai Palisade 19 26 22

As you can see, the Telluride gets an EPA-estimated 20 city/26 highway/23 combined MPG.1 With numbers like these at your disposal, you can be confident that you’ll have plenty of fuel in the tank and cash in your pocket when you get to your destination or to the next gas station to fuel up. The Palisade, while close in efficiency, falls a little short with an EPA-estimated 19 city/26 highway/22 combined MPG.

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Cabin Space & Cargo Capacity

While the Telluride and Palisade have similar statures, there are a few notable differences with their respective interiors. Each SUV offers three rows of seating, but the Telluride offers 178.1 cubic feet of cabin space, while the Palisade includes 173.3 cubic feet of space.

In addition to that, the Kia Telluride allows for a little more comfort throughout its three rows of seating when it comes to headroom and shoulder room. In the first row, it boasts 40.9 inches of headroom and 61.6 inches of shoulder room. The second row contains 40.2 inches of headroom and 61.2 inches of shoulder room. All the way back in the third row, your passengers will be able to make use of 38.1 inches of headroom and 55.3 inches of shoulder room.

The Hyundai Palisade simply does not offer quite as much wiggle room. In the first row, there are only 39.3 inches of headroom and 61.2 inches of shoulder room. The second row has 38.8 inches of headroom and 60.8 inches of shoulder room. The third row continues to fall short of the kind of comfort you’ll be getting out of the Telluride. It measures at 37.2 inches for headroom and 55.2 inches for shoulder room.

All of this allows the Telluride to be the popular model if you’re participating in your work’s carpool into the office or taking your kids and their friends out for ice cream.

While there are some definite differences between the respective passenger spaces, you’re going to find that there are even more noticeable differences when it comes to their cargo areas. These are laid out below:

Behind First Row Behind Second Row Behind Third Row
Kia Telluride 87 cu. ft. 46 cu. ft. 21 cu. ft.
Hyundai Palisade 86.4 cu. ft. 45.8 cu. ft. 18 cu. ft.

Behind the third row of seating, the Telluride includes 21 cubic feet of cargo space, while the Palisade features just 18 cubic feet. When the 3rd-row seatbacks are folded down, the Telluride gives you 46 cubic feet with which to work. The Palisade only gets up to 45.8 cubic feet.

When both the second and third rows are folded, the Telluride has 87 cubic feet and the Palisade comes close with 86.4 cubic feet. These measurements show that it’s the Kia Telluride that provides you with ample space for things like luggage, grocery bags, golf clubs, and camping supplies. On top of that, the Telluride would be the superior choice for packing in larger items for when you’re moving.

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Interior Style & Features

The interior of the Telluride offers the stylish SOFINO leatherette seating. The Palisade comes standard with cloth seating but offers leatherette seating after a few upgrades. Each SUV offers some sophisticated amenities, including respective 8-inch touchscreen displays that drivers can use to select their media for the ride.

For even more accessibility, both rides are available with 10.25-inch touchscreens that make it even easier to select the features and settings that you prefer while still directing most of your attention toward the drive itself.

The Telluride and Palisade also include both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. These systems integrate your Bluetooth®-paired smartphone into the touchscreen, so you can access your media library, phone contacts, and apps from the road without having to pull out your phone. Each SUV also includes driver-assistance technology that uses exterior sensors to detect and help mitigate a collision or mishap on the road.

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Learn Even More About the Kia Telluride vs Hyundai Palisade

At The Kia Store, we hope that this guide on the Telluride vs. Palisade has helped you to get a sense of what these impressive SUVs have to offer and how they differ. While there are some notable similarities, there are also plenty of differences. If you’d like to learn more about the Kia Telluride and its advantages over the Palisade, you can always drop by and see us to get a closer look!

Schedule your test drive with us at The Kia Store. We’re happy to assist drivers throughout Elizabethtown, KY, Louisville, KY, and Clarksville, IN, in finding the right Kia car.


1 EPA fuel economy estimates. Actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits, and your vehicle’s condition. These estimates reflect EPA’s revised coefficients beginning with some 2017 models.

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