Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Have you noticed, during your regular commutes around Louisville, Kentucky; Elizabethtown, Kentucky; or Clarksville, Indiana, that your daily driver’s brakes have been a bit noisy? If you’ve been asking yourself, “Why are my brakes squeaking,” The Kia Store team is here to provide some assistance. Below are a few facts we’ve put together about brakes as well as top reasons why yours might be squeaking.

First of all, let’s answer the question that brought you here. Most often, squeaking happens when the brake pad has worn down far enough for the metal underneath to be exposed and rub against the metal rotor. If that’s what is happening, the sound you’re hearing is a hint that it’s time to have the brake pads replaced. Continue reading to learn more.

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Brake Configuration and Materials

Let’s get down to basics. Each of your vehicle’s brakes is made up of a rotor and two brake pads. When the brake is applied, the stopping or slowing down that occurs is a result of the pads putting pressure on the cast-iron rotor. The three types of brake pads in use today are:

  • Organic
  • Semi-metallic
  • Ceramic

See below for a benefit you can expect from each type.

Brake Pad Type Benefit
Organic Inexpensive
Semi-metallic Holds up to extreme temperatures
Ceramic Durable

Most new cars use organic brake pads. However, there’s a good chance that, if you drive a large SUV or a truck, you employ semi-metallic brake pads when you push down on the brake pedal.

How Long Brakes Last

Brakes usually have a lifespan that can last for as long as 25,000 to 65,000 miles. It’s a good idea to keep in mind such factors as:

  • Driving behavior
  • Wear and tear
  • The quality of the brakes themselves

All three of these factors can impact exactly how long your brakes will last.

Other Reasons That Your Brakes are Squeaking

As stated above, worn brake pads is one possibility. Since it’s not the only reason, we’ve compiled a few more things to consider.

New Brake Parts

It’s not out of the ordinary for squeaking to occur soon after getting a new rotor or brake pad installed. Be sure to have things checked out if the squeaking continues for more than a few days.

There’s Water on the Brake Pads

Has it rained recently? Is there dew on the ground? The presence of water on the brake pads can also cause squeaking. The noise should stop after all the water is gone.

Some Parts Could Be Loose

Things could get noisy if something is loose or has detached. Here are some examples:

  • The anti-rattle clips have broken off
  • The brake shims have broken or worn too far

The anti-rattle clips hold the pads in place, while the brake shims are rubber or thin metal pads that help keep brake noise to a minimum.

Remember to Listen for Squeaking Brakes

If you’re currently experiencing squeaking brakes and you find yourself near Clarksville, IN; or Elizabethtown or Louisville, KY, contact The Kia Store today to make an appointment with the service center. Our factory-trained, experienced, and certified technicians will be happy to have a look!

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