Local Spotlight: Coalition for the Homeless

April 24th, 2019 by

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The Coalition for the Homeless is on a mission to prevent and end homelessness in Louisville. Learn more on what this nonprofit does for the community and the ways you can get involved to help them in their efforts.

What the Coalition Does

The Coalition for the Homeless is a collective effort of over 30 hardworking agencies that help serve the community. The various member agencies help provide many supportive services to thousands of people in Louisville each year.

These organizations, which united comprise the coalition, provide food and housing for children, families, veterans, and other homeless people in need. They also supply them with clothing and can support them with health care and legal services they might also need.

Coalition for the Homeless Louisville KYThe Coalition for the Homeless also has a three-prong approach to help solve the issue of homelessness. They educate the community about homelessness and work on inspiring others to take action. They also advocate for system changes and work to coordinate efficient use of resources and funding needed to help the homeless.

How You Can Help

Help from other members in the community also goes a long way! Volunteers are always thankfully welcomed at the different member agencies that are a part of the coalition. Any particular skills you have could be extremely useful for one of these agencies.

You can also give to the cause with a generous gift through various donation programs. This includes their Five Bucks A Month Club that is a much-appreciated donation to help a homeless person safely have shelter for the night. They also host a variety of events that you can attend where proceeds directly benefit the Coalition of the Homeless.

Interested in Getting Involved?

If you are in the Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Clarksville area and want to help end homelessness, contact the Coalition for the Homeless today to learn more about the opportunities they have.


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