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2022 Kia Forte red driving on rainy highway towards city

If you’re a Louisville, Kentucky; Elizabethtown, Kentucky; or Clarksville, Indiana, driver interested in finding out as much as you can about the Kia Forte, The Kia Store is here to help.

We have placed several links to Kia Forte reviews to help make it easier for you to find out if this set of wheels has what it takes to be your next mode of transportation.

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A Look at Interior Measurements

Whether you’re running a few errands with your spouse, taking the family out for dinner and a movie, or participating in the office carpool, you can count on the Forte to have plenty of space throughout the cabin.

2022 Kia Forte cabin ariel view black leather seatsSee below for a preview of the dimensions you’re going to have at your disposal…

  • Front headroom: 38.8 inches
  • Front legroom: 42.2 inches
  • Rear shoulder room: 55.3 inches
  • Rear hip room: 51.1 inches

No matter who you end up sharing the first row with, the two of you will have an abundance of wiggle room at your disposal in order to make yourselves nice and comfortable. It’s the same for whoever is in the second row—the folks back there will be treated to all kinds of personal space.

Key Safety Features for the Kia Forte

The Forte is all about keeping you, your family, and your friends safe while you’re on the road.

Features that help emphasize this include Driver Attention Warning (DAW). It comes in handy when you find yourself behind the wheel for extended periods of time or driving later than usual. If you’re having a hard time battling drowsiness, the DAW system will alert you that this is occurring to allow you to take a moment to find a place to pull over and get some rest.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is quite useful, as well. This feature is there to tell you when you’re unintentionally swerving into a neighboring lane. LDW, as well as DAW, are included as standard aspects of the Kia Forte.

Kia Forte Trim Levels

2022 Kia Forte blue jellybean three fourths front view white background

There are a total of six Forte Trim levels. They are listed below:

  • Kia Forte FE
  • Kia Forte LXS
  • Kia Forte GT-Line
  • Kia Forte EX
  • Kia Forte GT
  • Kia Forte GT Manual

With so many trims to choose from, you have the opportunity to pick the one that allows you to customize your ride the most according to your specific preferences.

For example, the EX and GT Manual trims come standard with a power sunroof that provides an extra source of fresh air and invigorating sunlight.

Start Your Kia Forte Research Today

Now that you’re more familiar with the benefits this accommodating set of wheels has to offer, you’re ready to dive in and begin making the most of this valuable Kia Forte review resource.

Click on the links for the topics that appeal the most to you. When you’re ready to take this Kia vehicle out on those Clarksville, IN; Louisville, KY; or Elizabethtown, KY, roads, contact The Kia Store to set up a good day and time for a test drive.


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